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Xfinity Internet Service – Reviewing Speeds and Pricing

With strong competition in many areas from Verizon and AT&T, Xfinity Internet now offers speeds up to 105 Mbps in select areas. So you might be wondering - Is Xfinity internet the right choice for you?  Additionally, what sort of deals can you get from Xfinity in order to avoid the constant price increases that come with a broadband connection?Lets examine what is available when it comes to speed and price in this short Xfinity internet review.

Xfinity Bundles – Are They Right For Your Situation?

An Xfinity bundle is something to consider when evaluating the cable and satellite TV options in your area.  Offered by Comcast, Xfinity TV service can bring you not only cable television service, but also high speed internet and home telephone service as well.  In this article we will review the current Xfinity bundle options, focusing on what you get when it comes initial pricing with several different package options.

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Spanish Channels Offfered By Xfinity Cable TV

The competitive landscape continues to change across the country, and Spanish entertainment options continue to grow in many Sun belt states.  Markets like California, Texas, Colorado and Arizona have large Hispanic populations, and the Xfinity Spanish channel packages available in many of these areas area are designed to compete for this market segment.  How do Xfinity Spanish channels compare to satellite TV options like

Xfinity Internet Speeds – What Options Are Available?

Xfinity cable and internet service continues to face stiff competition on all fronts.  In many areas, Xfinity competes against new fiber based services like U-verse and FiOS.  In addition, satellite television providers continue to compete against the Xfinity cable product.  Another popular product is Netflix streaming movie service, which requires a reliable high speed internet connection.   With many homes now having multiple computers, consumers are

Reviewing the Xfinity DVR – Features and Benefits

Xfinity TV is the new Comcast brand name, and several services they offer are also using the new name.  One such product/service is the Xfinity DVR, which offers you all kinds of convenience when it comes to watching TV on your own terms.  But how does the Xfinity DVR stack up when compared to the competition?  Are you better off with either a DISH Network DVR or a DIRECTV model?  Lets take a closer look at your options.

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Xfinity Lanuches New 3D Channel

Xfinity is giving DIRECTV a bit of competition in the 3D channel game, announcing their own 24 hour channel will debut on February 20th, 2011.   Xfinity 3D will feature the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic, an outdoor battle featuring the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames.  The new Comcast 3D channel will launch at 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

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