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Pros and Cons of Verizon FiOS

Are you consider Verizon FiOS for your internet, cable and home phone service?  Like most things in life, there are several factors to weigh, and when you are paying $100 to $200 a month for communication services, you want to make the right decision.  In this article, we will look at some of the pros and cons of Verizion FiOS - helping you to evaluate the services offered.Pros of FiOS Service1.  The Network - Verizon has inve

FiOS Ultimate HD Package

The most expensive TV option offered by Verizon is the FiOS Ultimate HD package - offering more than 380 channels in most areas where available.  But how does this package stack up with the competition - namely DISH and DIRECTV?  How many high definition channels do you get with this offer?   Lets review what all is included.As the name implies, high definition is the focus with this package from Verizon.   Included are more than 100 HD channels

How Much Does FiOS Internet Cost?

Verizon is one of the top internet providers in the United States today, with millions of customers from coast to coast.  In many areas, their broadband fiber service FiOS offers some of the fastest speeds available from any provider.  But is it going to cost you more than a traditional cable or DSL connection?  In this article we will consider how much FiOS internet costs each month, and consider a few ways to lower the price you have to pay for servi

Reviewing the FiOS Extreme HD Package

Verizon now offers four different TV packages with their FiOS TV service.  This gives the customer some flexibility in selecting a channel lineup that fits their needs and their budget.  In this review we will take a look at the FiOS Extreme HD package, covering the monthly costs and the channels that are included in most areas.Advertised as their most popular package, Verizon's Extreme HD package has about 290 channels, of which 75 of them are in hi

Reviewing Bundle Options From Verizon FiOS

A Verizon FiOS bundle might be the right choice for you if you are fed up with your current cable or satellite television company.  While FiOS hasn't been around for long, it is built on an all fiber network, meaning you will get some of the best internet speeds and great picture quality on that flatscreen or plasma.  In this article we will review the FiOS bundles available in 2013, taking a look at pricing and promotions.  It may be time to drop that

FiOS vs Brighthouse Cable

FiOS TV service and Brighthouse cable match up in several markets in Florida.  If you live in an area served by these two large communication companies, you might be wondering which one gives you more bang for the buck.  In this article, we will take a look at the services and pricing offered by these two companies, and hopefully guide you to a smart decision.Verizon FiOS vs Brighthouse cableTampa and Orlando are two areas where

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