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NBA League Pass on Comcast

The 2013 NBA season is here, meaning plenty of live action if you are a cable or satellite television subscriber.  But what if you live in an area where your favorite team is not broadcast locally?  Then the NBA League Pass is your best option, especially if you have cable provider like Comcast.   How much does League Pass cost?  And what online options are available if you are away from your Comcast cable setup at home?With the NBA package, you w

Comcast To Offer Internet Essentials For Just $9.95 a Month

Comcast internet for $9.95 is now available in more than 39 states served by the cable provider, as long you meet a few special conditions.  As part of their purchase of NBC/Universal, Xfinity promised to offer the very low internet price to millions of households, based on their income and participation in the national school lunch program.The offer is extended to households that meet a few qualifications.  The first of course is to be living in an

Comparing CenturyLink vs Comcast Cable

Cable and telecommunication companies continue to consolidate, and the competitive battlefield is changing in certain regions.  Qwest was the dominant phone and internet provider in the western portion of the country, but now CenturyLink has moved in with a recently completed buyout.  That means Comcast and CenturyLink are now going head to head in many major markets like Seattle and Denver.  What do these providers bring to the table w