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Bright House vs Centurylink – Comparison Shopping

Bright House and Centurylink are both big players in the communications industry. While Centurylink focuses on DSL and phone service on a traditional phone network, Bright House uses their last mile cable network to serve millions of customers. In many areas, these companies compete head to head, meaning its up to the customer to find the best deal and service. Here are a few pointers on what each company has to offer in today's competitive marketplace.

Comparison Shopping – CenturyLink or Cox Cable TV Service

CenturyLink has expanded quite a bit in the past three years, first with an acquisition of Embarq and then Qwest Communications last year.  With a presence now in 33 states, they compete with a number of cable television providers to offer both internet and phone service.  Additionally, Century Link is starting to deploy their own cable product called Prism TV in limited markets, while reselling DIRECTV in other areas they serve.  In this article, we wi

CenturyLink Bundles – What Are Your Options?

CenturyLink is now the third largest telephone company in America, when looking at the total number of landlines.  The company also covers a huge geographical area, spanning from the Carolinas on the east coast all the way to Oregon and Washington state on the west coast.  With such a large presence, there is a good chance that a CenturyLink bundle might be available to you.  What sort of deals are available from CenturyLink currently?

What CenturyLink TV Package Options Are Offered?

With their recent acquisition of Qwest Communications, CenturyLink is now the third largest telecommunications company in the United States when looking at the number of landlines.  But with cell phones continuing to be a high priority for most Americans, people no longer hesitate to disconnect their landline if they aren't using them.  This means the triple play packages offered by phone companies will be a high priority in the years ahead.  Ce