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Pros and Cons of Optimum Cable

As picky consumers, we want it all - great service and rock bottom prices.  But like anything, you generally pay for products and services that are high in quality.  Cablevision, or Optimum as it is generally known follows the pattern of most cable providers, lots of entertainment but at a high price.  Here are a few pros and cons of Optimum TV and internet service.Pros of Optimum TV1.  Full Service Provider - With Cablevision

Alternatives to Optimum Cable TV

Optimum is the dominant cable company in many areas of New York and New Jersey.   For years many customers who lived in this area had no other option when it comes to pay television service.  But times have changed, and most consumers have at least one option besides Cablevision if they are unsatisfied with the price or services offered.  In this article we will review a few of the alternatives to

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Optimum TV Packages – Reviewing Your Options

Wondering what options you have with an Optimum TV package?  There are several different video packages offered by Cablevision under the Optimum brand name, meaning there is something for everyone.  In this article we will review the package options, taking a look at both pricing and the channels included.The entry level option is the Optimum Economy package.  Offered at $39.95 a month, this is your bare bones setup, with around 40

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Optimum TV Silver Package

When shopping cable and satellite television packges, cost is usually a top concern.  But some are willing to pay more for an all around entertainment experience.  Adding in premiums like HBO and Cinemax can actually save you some money if you enjoy your entertainment at home instead of heading out to a first run movie.  In the article, we will review the Optimum Silver package, covering what all is included along with the monthly costs.This package

What is the Cheapest Optimum TV Package?

If you are looking to cut costs, your cable or satellite bill is going to be one of the top targets.  With these packages running $100 or more each month, its a good idea to evaluate exactly what you have and what you are paying each month for service.  If you have Optimum TV, there are a few options if you are looking for a cheap TV package.  Here are a few ideas to consider.New customers always get a deal when it comes to cable TV, so if you have

Reviewing the Optimum TV Gold Package

Cablevision offers several different video packages along with their high speed internet and voice services.  One package you may be interested in is the Optimum Gold package, which is their all inclusive option.  With this package, you won't struggle to find something to watch, as there are more than 200 channels available, 24/7.  Lets review what all is included with this Optimum TV offer.The Gold package starts with everything in the Optimum Silv