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MLB Extra Innings Review

The 2016 MLB season is still a few months away, but many hardball fans can't wait watch the hundreds of games available through the MLB Extra Innings package.  In this article, we will consider some of the details surrounding this sports offering, and look at the various providers that carry the premium baseball package.Exact pricing for this year’s edition of MLB Extra Innings hasn't been announced, but it generally runs right about $200 bucks or

NBA League Pass Free Preview Starts Tonight

If you want to check out the NBA League Pass package, now is the time to do so.  Starting tonight, and running for the next week or so you will be able to check out every NBA game if you have a participating satellite or cable provider.The NBA generally offers a free trial of the package a few times per year, with the first week always being available as in enticement to get more people to sign up.   You will be able to watch games from across the c

Brighthouse Video on Demand Service

One of the great things about cable TV is the video on demand (VOD) service, generally offered at no additional cost with most providers.  Brighthouse offers video on demand in the markets it serves, mainly in in the midwest and southern states.  If you are considering Brighthouse  or are already a customer, here are a few of the details surrounding their VOD product.There are several categories to review when it comes to video on demand with Brigh

Suddenlink Triple Play Packages

Suddenlink has more than a million video customers spread across several states including Texas, West Virginia, and Louisiana.  With a full product menu including cable TV, high speed internet, and home phone service the cable operator is a company to consider if you live in their footprint.   One option in high demand is the Suddenlink triple play package, offering all three communication services from a single provider.   What services and pricing

Intel to Offer Cable TV Service?

Chipmaker Intel has been in the news recently, as rumor has it they are developing a new set-top TV box designed to deliver cable television channels to households across America.  But as Apple and Google have already discovered, major obstacles face any company trying to displace existing cable and satellite television players.  But if Intel cable TV is launched in 2013, what can you

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