DIRECTV Now to Launch at $35 Per Month

The new DIRECTV Now streaming service will launch next month.  An while an exact date has not been released publicly by AT&T,  a surprisingly low price of just $35 per month for 100 channels was made public.

The new service which will compete with streaming services like Sling TV and Playstation Vue, was thought to be coming to market in the $50 range according to some Wall Street analysts.  At just $35, many cord cutters may clamor to sign back up at the new OTT service which will be like cable, but without the box.

But the devil remains in the details, as a full channel lineup has not leaked publicly.  Will it be the traditional filler that gums up your satellite television lineup now?  Or will there be all of the top channels, including the live sports content that has driven prices higher over the last decade?

At this point, DIRECTV Now is driving a lot of buzz, as similar streaming services from Sling TV are prices in the same range but have much less channel content.  Playstation Vue offers a similar number of channels, but a higher price point ($40-60 depending on the package selected.)

AT&T has promised to deliver the product next month, with message forums leaking the rumored drop date for DIRECTV Now as November 4th, with a free seven day trial available for new subscribers.



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