What is DIRECTV Now?

Maybe you are one of the people that would love to subscribe to DIRECTV, but you can’t have a satellite dish installed for one of many reasons.  Or you enjoy DIRECTV’s programming, but aren’t willing to sign a two year agreement, which includes a hefty price increase during the second year.  Your wait may soon be over, as a brand now option from AT&T is in the works.

What is DIRECTV Now?

The new over-the-top (OTT) offering was announced in the spring, and promised by the end of 2016.   DIRECTV hasn’t backed off of that promised delivery date, though there are only a few months left in the year.  The service will be delivered completely over the internet, meaning the end user won’t have to deal with a satellite dish, a cable box, or an appointment where you wait around for the installer to come by the house.

DISH introduced their own internet video product, using the Sling TV brand name.   Priced at $20 a month initially, many consumers found there wasn’t quite enough content to satisfy.  DIRECTV Now promises to be different according to initial reports.

Prices points haven’t been released for DIRECTV Now, but reports have the company being very aggressive to try to gain those who have cut the cord, or those tired of paying high cable bills which often include bundled internet and equipment charges.  According to the Wall Street Journal, analysts expect the main package to offer around 100 channels and be priced at $50 to 60 per month.   A DIRECTV Now Mobile option and a free ad-supported option with limited content if you want to check out the product, called DIRECTV Preview will also be options.

Of course a balancing act will come into play, as DIRECTV won’t want to drive higher revenue customers to the product and off of their traditional satellite television subscription.   Its also unknown if DIRECTV will serve up premium options like their NFL Sunday Ticket on the new Now platform.

Additionally, other heavyweights are lining up to get in the game.  Sony’s Playstation Vue offers plans from $30 to $65 a month including HBO.  Others including Apple, Amazon, and Hulu have plans to offer slimmed down bundles in the near future with price points much lower than traditional cable and satellite.


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