Sling Orange vs Sling Blue – Reviewing Your Options

Sling TV started off with a very simple and easy price plan, pay $20 a month and get a handful of the best channels every month.  No contact, no cable guy or box, and cancel anytime.  Yet that was a little too bare bones for many consumers, so an additional option was introduced, Sling Blue.  What are the similarities and differences?  Lets run down a few things to know if you are shopping these two options.

Sling Orange vs Sling Blue

Sling Orange was originally called Best of Live TV.  The good part of this package is that its cheap, just $20 bucks a month, and it also has some of the most popular basic cable channels – think ESPN, TNT, TBS, and HGTV.  There are others of course, click here for a full list of channels.

The bad part is that the channels in this package are only available in a single stream.  Yep, you can watch any of them on your TV, iPad, or phone – but not more than one at a time.  Definitely a downer if you have more than one person in the house who wants to watch TV.

Sling Blue was rolled out a few months ago, at the price point of $25 per month.  The major difference with this option is that there are three streams available per account.  Obviously this is a huge advantage in homes where more than one person wants to watch on a different device.

When looking at the channels offered, there is a lot of overlap between the packages – to be clear these are not two separate packages with completely different channels.  The major channels gone from Blue are the Disney operated channels like ESPN, ESPN2 and Disney channel.  But by giving those up you get FS1, National Geographic, USA, and FX among others.

Bottom Line

If you can live without ESPN, the Sling Blue is definitely going to give you more for the money.  Almost all of the Orange channels are in Blue, and there are several additional channels offered that you don’t get in the Orange package.

For the hardcore sports fan who wants ESPN – the best option would probably be the Orange+Blue, which is offered for $40 per month, again with no long term obligation.



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