One World Sports Added to DIRECTV, U-verse Lineups

AT&T added a new sports channel to both of its video distribution platforms, as One World Sports is now available to both U-verse and DIRECTV customers.

The 5-year-old sports channel was recently dropped from DISH, but may now find a wider audience.  The channel boasts more than 2,600 hours of sports content every year, with most of it originating outside of the United States.   The network focuses on Premier League soccer, cricket, rugby, international hockey, basketball, and golf.  In addition, you’ll find Ivy League football, badminton, table tennis and even dart competition on One World Sports.

To get an idea of some of the competition offered on One World Sports, check out their current programming schedule here.

So where will you find One World on the AT&T video distribution network?

The company has added the network on DIRECTV channel 623, which is part of the Sports Pack.   That package is an extra $13.99 per month with more than 30 specialized sports channels.  Check the full lineup here.

On U-verse, AT&T has added the channel to the Sports Package, and is found at channel 1665.  That package will run an extra $10 a month if you are a U-verse subscriber.

Other major provider carrying One World Sports include  Prism TV from Centurylink and Google Fiber.




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