NFL RedZone Now Available on Sling TV

NFL RedZone Comes to Sling TV in 2016

Live sports action continues to creep into the cord cutting world, and this football season Sling TV customers are celebrating as one of the best viewing options is now available over streaming, the NFL RedZone channel.

This channel, produced by the NFL offers viewers live action from around the league each Sunday.   As teams approach the Red Zone, the network flips their coverage to the channel and hopefully brings the scoring chance live to the viewer.  When multiple games have red zone scoring opportunities, the network will go double, triple or even quadruple ‘box’ -with multiple screens broadcast live.

The channel has quickly become a favorite of fantasy football players and geographically displaced fans.  While they aren’t able to see the whole game, they generally are able to see the best scoring action live – and they avoid paying the hefty price tag associated with the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which is still an exclusive of DIRECTV.

The NFL RedZone channel though has only been available via cable and DISH over the last couple of years, but that all changes in 2016.

Sling TV and the NFL Network recently reached a new contractual agreement, which now makes both the 24 hour football channel and the RedZone channel available to customers, and also keeps the channel available through traditional DISH service.

So the big question….how much will this cost Sling TV customers?

The channel is being added to the Sports Extra pack, which is $5 a month, however the channel only gets added if you have the “Sling Blue” package, which has a base price of $25, or if you have the Orange plus Blue option, base priced at $40 per month.   So you’ll be paying either $30 or $45 per month for NFL RedZone plus an assortment of other channels.

Of course once football season ends, Sling TV easily allows you to remove channels online rather than calling in like traditional cable companies, so the sports extra package can be dropped, saving you that $5 monthly.



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