NFL Sunday Ticket Promo for 2016

Looking for more football this season?  Once again the place to be if you’re an NFL fan is with DIRECTV – that is if you want access to every game, both in-and-out of your local market.  Here’s a brief overview of the NFL Sunday Ticket promotion for 2016 and what you get if you are a new customer with DIRECTV.

The package again has two flavors, regular NFL Sunday Ticket, and the MAX package.   The regular package includes access to all out of market games on Sunday (early and late games, night game will be found on your NBC affiliate).  The normal price on this package is $270 per season, or $44.99 a month for six months if you opt to pay that way.

Sunday Ticket Max includes all the games, and also two extra channels.   The Redzone channel will jump you from game to game when a team is close to scoring.   And the Fantasy Zone channel rounds out the Max package with up to the second stats and replays on all of the top performers each Sunday.  Pricing here is $360, or $59.99 for six months.

So if you are paying for Sunday Ticket, you are looking at about $90 more for the season for the Max package.

But the real deal comes into play if you aren’t with DIRECTV and are willing to make the switch.  If this is the case for you, DIRECTV gives you a great incentive in that Sunday Ticket Max is free for the first year of your contract.   So right of the bat you are getting a $360 value above and beyond the regular first year discounts.

But what if you are already a DIRECTV customer and aren’t exactly thrilled about shelling out several hundred bucks for the Sunday Ticket package of your choice?  Then its time to get on the phone and see what deals can be had.

Oftentimes DIRECTV will authorize their call center agents to strike a deal with customers based on how long they have subscribed and their payment history.

Many have reported getting Sunday Ticket for under $100 by simply calling up and saying they are thinking of ordering the package, but aren’t quite sure about paying that much.  Sometimes these discounts come in the form of monthly bill credits over the course of a year, so you may pay a little more up front and get the discount later.   Also be sure to take note if any additional contractual agreement comes with the deal.

So there are a few tips on getting a great deal on Sunday Ticket for the upcoming 2016 season.


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