FIOS Triple Play Package Deal for 2016

Promotional deals are nothing new, cable and satellite television companies switch them up every few month.  Every once and a while though a really sweet deal comes along, and that is exactly what Verizon if offering with a new FiOS triple play package that just rolled out for 2016.

This new deal was initially offered at $69.99, but at this time it looks like that priced is slashed through and an additional $5 discount is being offered to new customers ($64.99).  This price is good for one year, and does not include taxes, equipment fees like DVR devices, and regional sports network and broadcast TV fees.  These would add another $7 to $25 per month depending on the FiOS DVR selected.  Also a FIOS modem must be leased or bought for internet service.

So what do you get with this FiOS triple play package?   Verizon’s new Custom TV package, aka the Skinny bundle starts off the package.   You won’t get a ton of channels, but you can get two channel packs which generally cover the most important options.  Next, Quantum Internet at the 100/100 Mbps level is included.  With speeds like this you won’t ever have download problems, even if multiple users are streaming video in the home.

Finally, FiOS digital voice with unlimited calling is thrown in, for those who like to use a traditional landline.

Add-ons to the package include additional channel packs, which are $10 each, and upgraded internet speed.  The 150/150 Mbps tier is an extra $20 per month.

A few final notes on the 2016 FIOS triple play deal – no contract is required, so you can terminate service early if thing aren’t working out.  And remember this is a one year promotional deal, you are looking at a significantly higher bill once regular pricing kicks in after the deal expires.




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