Review of the DISH America’s Everything Package

The America’s Everything Pak is the top level programming package offered by DISH Network. If you are shopping for a TV package that includes it all, you’ve come to the right place.  For comparison purposes, this package matches up closely with the DIRECTV Premier package. So what all is included in the America’s Everything Pak?

Well of course, all of the networks and channels are here. Not only are all of the regular channels included, but also your digital music channels are included, so your sure to find something to listen to if your not watching TV. All in all, the DISH America’s Everything Pak includes over 300 channels, and is priced at $139.99 per month.  Promotions currently knock about $40 off of the regular price for the first year of service, but keep in mind you will have a two year contract when you sign up for satellite TV.

Probably the best thing about the America’s Everything Pak is the inclusion of 31 different premium movie channels. This gives you the ability to stretch your entertainment dollar, as you can watch movies anytime, or record them on your DISH Hopper DVR and watch them at your convenience.  Your movie selection here will generally be better than something like Netflix, as there are more first run options.

DISH has partnered with Netflix to offer even more content, and you can now access Netflix content right through your DISH device, additional charges for Netflix apply after any promotional period, however.

What premium channels specifically in the America’s Everything Pak? All four premium content provider are here –  Showtime, HBO, Starz, and Cinemax are all included in the monthly price. If you can’t find anything among these selections, several pay-per-view channels are also available, as well as adult PPV.

Sports fans will have plenty of choices with the America’s Everything package as well. ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNews are all included, along with the Golf and Speed channels. Regional sports networks are also included, though you will only receive the regional networks in your area.   Hot 24 hour sports channels like NBA TV, NHL Network, NFL Network and others are also here.

Locals in your area are included including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.  (May vary by market).

Finally, HD or high-definition programming is an important consideration when looking for a new satellite TV subscription. DISH has kept up with the competition in recent years, and now offers more than 150 high definition networks according to those that keep track of these things, namely the guys over at the AVS forum.   DISH offers HD service at not additional charge, but you will pay extra for their Hopper/Joey/Super Joey DVR devices.  Pricing ranges from $7 to $15 a month there.

Looking to see what channels are included?  Here are a few resources to review which provide different looks at the America’s Everything Pak.

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