DIRECTV Bundles – Reviewing Your Options

The DIRECTV bundle packages offered today are designed to get you into a new satellite dish system at little to no cost, and they offer a ton of programming. Is a DIRECTV bundle right for you? Lets take a look at the options available to you today, and then you will have the information you need to decide if DIRECTV or DISH is the better choice for your situation.

The DIRECTV Select bundle is the first option available. This is a bare bones package, offering around 130 channels of high quality digital programming. Local channels are included in this DIRECTV package, as they are with all of the other options we discuss here. Installation of the satellite dish is also included here, and the price is a low $29.99 a month for one year, then the regular rate is $49.99. This DIRECTV bundle is best for families with small kids, where the parents don’t really watch much TV.

Another low priced option is the Entertainment package, which is $34.99 a month for new customers.  The regular price is $57.99, and there are around 140 channels included.

The DIRECTV Choice bundle is a good place to start for most people trying out satellite television service for the first time. This package offers 150 plus channels when you count both audio and video networks. If you go with just the base package without HD or DVR service, you are looking at an affordable price tag of $39.99 per month for the first year. After one year, the Choice bundle price is $66.99 a month.

If you can spare an extra $5 per month, the Xtra bundle is a great way to round out your satellite TV package. For that $5, you will get another 50 channels, bringing your total to 200+ audio and video channels. Though many of these channels are second-tier, if you have a specific interest in life your sure to find a channel or two that your will really enjoy with this DIRECTV option.

Now the next two DIRECTV bundles build on the Xtra package. The Ultimate package takes all of the channels from the previous setup, and adds in 11 premium movie channels to your DIRECTV bundle. This starts at $49.99 for one year, then goes up to $81.99 per month.

The DIRECTV Premier bundle is the all you can watch TV offer. Basically, you get everything here. All of the standard cable TV channels, all of the audio channels, and most importantly, all of the premium movie channels. Several feeds of HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime are included, and the price is around $97.99 per month for the first year. You also get the DIRECTV Sports bundle, which provides you non stop sports with several regional and lesser known sports channels.   After a year you will pay$129.99 a month.

Promotions vary with all of these packages,  you can currently get the NFL Sunday Ticket for free during the first year if you subscribe to the Choice package or higher.  There is also a $100 Visa gift card promotion being offered to new customers.

Other DIRECTV bundle incentives usually include free installation, and a free HD DVR unit, the GENIE.  While there is no charge for the equipment, there are advanced receiver charges that apply monthly based on if you want HD, DVR or both.

Now there are a few other DIRECTV bundles available in addition to the base packages that we have already discussed, and what we are talking about here are the premium sports packages that can be added on to your base package. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball or hockey there is something for everyone on satellite television. These prices are approximate, and based on either the most recent season or on the upcoming season if pricing has been released.  There is often an early bird discount on some of these packages, so check with DIRECTV well before the season starts and you might get a better deal.  Some packages also are available starting mid-season for a reduced rate.

NFL Sunday Ticket bundle $300

NBA League Pass bundle $199

NHL Center Ice bundle $199

MLB Extra Innings bundle $199

ESPN Gameplan bundle $129 (College football)

ESPN Full Court bundle $109 (College Basketball regular season)

So hold on to your wallet sports fans, as DIRECTV certainly offers just about every enticement you can think of when it comes to sports programming. There are a few freebies out there, as DIRECTV sports does give you free additional coverage of the major tennis and golf tournaments like the Masters and Wimbledon.

Carefully compare the DIRECTV bundles offered with what Dish Network and your local cable company offer. Chances are you will find a package that meets your entertainment needs at an affordable price.

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