DIRECTV Announces 2014 Price Increase

DIRECTV customers will once again be a little lighter in the wallet, as the company has confirmed that it will be raising rates again in 2014.  The nations largest satellite television company once again blamed rising programming costs as the main culprit.  So how much more will you pay for DIRECTV in 2014?

The average bill will go up 3.7% in February according to Variety, once again whipping up speculation that customers will become fed up with rising bills and cut the cord.  That hasn’t happened yet, as DIRECTV has pushed past the 20 million subscriber mark, though some large cable companies have suffered video subscriber losses in 2013.   Competitor DISH confirmed their prices will also rise in 2014 – $3 to 5 a month depending on your package.

DIRECTV prices will increase the following amounts:

Entertainment Package – $2 hike from $54.99 to $56.99

Choice Package – $2 increase from $64.99 to $66.99

Xtra (formerly Choice Xtra) – $3 hike from $70.99 to $73.99

Ultimate – $4 price increase from $77.99 to $81.99 and finally…..

Premier -$5 hike from $124.99 to $129.99 per month.

DIRECTV Genie fees and other DVR device charges will remain level in 2014, but these can add another $10 – $25 a month to your bill depending on the model.

The price hike officially goes into effect on February 6th, and customers are being notified via bill inserts and e-mail of the upcoming increase.



  1. I don’t have tv and was wondering if DirectTV was any good? I was looking at tv, but then again I was thinking of just sticking with my little ol’ netlix, lol.

  2. These prices are way off. I have the Xtra package. The price went from 73.73 to 102.73 and I am told it will increase again in Jan. 2015. It is not worth that amount of money for what little is offered.

  3. Sounds like your call center phone lines are busy tonight,, nor your billing center is available. Tomorrow morning. I’m calling the installer that promised my rate would not go up for two years, It doubled in the last two months. $38 —- $85,,, Rev. Pearce

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