DISH Rolls Out Free iPad Promotion

DISH is rolling out a new promotion next week, offering an iPad 2 to new subscribers.   The promotion of course has a few terms and conditions that you will have to meet before your new iPad shows up in the mail.  Here are a few of the details and reasons for the new promotion.

DISH has been struggling lately to add new satellite subscribers.  The mature satellite industry certainly plays a part in this, but competition from new players like AT&T U-verse is another issue.  DISH has traditionally given a monthly discount on service for the first year, but even that hasn’t brought people through the door in recent years.

From initial reports, the new iPad promotion from DISH will allow customers to pick their promotion.  They can either receive the monthly discount for the first year, or they can choose the iPad.  Its important to note that the model offered will be the iPad 2 – 16GB model, which currently retails for $399 from the Apple store.  DISH will undoubtedly get some sort of bulk pricing from Apple, allowing them to offer the devices as part of the promotion.

The move will continue to push consumers toward a “TV anywhere” lifestyle, a trend that is picking up steam.  By offering an iPad, the world’s most popular tablet, subscribers will be more likely to explore anywhere TV options offered by the satellite provider.  DISH has several apps available which integrate with their Hopper with Sling DVR.  Their latest digital video recorder offers customers access to live content, DVR recordings, and and video on demand through iPad and other mobile devices, though a Wi-fi connection is needed to access content through these different channels.

So what is required if you are interesting in the free iPad promotion from DISH?  First you have to be a new subscriber, as they subsidize the cost of the tablet though subscription fees received over the term of the contract.

Next, you have to sign up during the promotional period.  According to the DISH press release on the promotion, the deal kicks off on May 22nd and is set to run through September 18th.   New subscribers must agree to a 24 month contract and meet credit requirements.

Additionally, customers must select the America’s Top 120 package or higher, and also set up with the Hopper DVR system, which has an additional $10 monthly cost, but no up front equipment charge.


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