Alternatives to Optimum Cable TV

Optimum is the dominant cable company in many areas of New York and New Jersey.   For years many customers who lived in this area had no other option when it comes to pay television service.  But times have changed, and most consumers have at least one option besides Cablevision if they are unsatisfied with the price or services offered.  In this article we will review a few of the alternatives to Optimum cable, weighing the pros and cons of each.

Verizon FiOS

The telecom provider has come on strong in the last few years, building out a fiber network that now reaches millions of home and business locations.  With FiOS, you can build a true triple play package that can compete with a cable provider like Optimum.  FiOS originally came into the market with lower pricing, but now they generally have rates that are about the same as Optimum.   Click here to read our comparison of FiOS against Optimum TV.

The big advantage of FiOS lies in their network, in that they can provide incredible internet speeds when compared to the competition.  Current FiOS internet speeds top out at 300 Mbps in some areas, though the monthly cost for such speeds can be nearly $200.  FiOS also offers contract agreements, which may not sound like a good idea initially.  But they offer promotional discounts for two years with some of their contracts, meaning you will be able to save hundreds when compared to Optimum services.

Satellite TV – DIRECTV and DISH

A second alternative to Optimum is satellite television service.  This can be tricky though for many living in the Cablevision footprint, as they serve a lot of apartment buildings.   But if you do have an area where a satellite dish can be installed, then service from one of these providers is something to consider.

Both DISH and DIRECTV offer savings on their packages for one year, then prices go up to the normal rate in year number two.  Usually you can also get a top of the line DVR like the DISH Hopper at no up front cost as well.  The downside of satellite is that they do not offer high speed internet access, so you will have to use Optimum Online or your local phone company for that service.  DIRECTV does offer hybrid bundling with several local companies including AT&T, Centurylink, and Verizon – so check into that if you are looking to move on from Cablevision completely.

Cord Cutting

Many in the media have been predicting the demise of the cable television industry due to “cord cutting”.  While this hasn’t come to pass, some consumers are fed up with high cable rates and have been looking into alternatives like Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Services like this run less than $10 a month, and provide you plenty of content through your high speed internet connection.   You can also hook up an over-the-air antenna, which can deliver local HD channels at no cost in most major cities.

The disadvantage here is that you won’t have access to live sporting events broadcast on ESPN and on regional sports channels like the YES Network.  If there aren’t sports fans in the home then cutting the cord can save you $1,000 or more over the course of a year -as you won’t have that hefty Cablevision TV bill to pay each month.


  1. Thanks for the info. I just might take your suggestion about cord cutting as I am damn sick and tired of those crooks at Optimum cable. We need other cable companies to give optimum the type of competition they never dreamed of and blow them right out of the water. Optimum Cable is a big rip off the same as Time Warner cable.

    • Several years ago, I cancelled my Cablevision (optimum) after being overcharged month after month. When I shut it off they sent me an astronomical bill. I refuse to pay it for a while but eventually after a long fight had to give in and pay the bill. Now 4 years later when deciding I would like to have TV again in my house they are telling me that I never paid that bill off. $250. I can tell you I will never go back to Cablevision and especially now that they have cut out News 12 and will be filming from Edison New Jersey. Tell me how that is local as local gets. Big mistake on the part of the new company. Adios Cablevision. I believe you will see a lot of your customers jumping ship.

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