How Much Does FiOS Internet Cost?

Verizon is one of the top internet providers in the United States today, with millions of customers from coast to coast.  In many areas, their broadband fiber service FiOS offers some of the fastest speeds available from any provider.  But is it going to cost you more than a traditional cable or DSL connection?  In this article we will consider how much FiOS internet costs each month, and consider a few ways to lower the price you have to pay for service.

If you aren’t in the mood to sign a contract, you are going to pay higher prices with Verizon.  Unfortunately this has almost become the standard with communications companies – whether it be internet, wireless, or satellite television service.  Here are a few of the rates when looking at just a stand alone FiOS internet account with no contract:

15/5 Mbps (upload/download) speed – $74.99

50/25 Mbps speed – $84.99

75/35 Mbps speed – $94.99

150/65 Mbps speed – $134.99

Now if you are willing to sign a two year contract, your rates will go down a bit, especially in the first twelve months of the agreement.  Here are the current quotes from the Verizon website:

15/5 Mbps (upload/download) speed – $49.99 year one, $69.99 thereafter.

50/25 Mbps speed – $59.99 year one, $79.99 thereafter.

75/35 Mbps speed – $69.99 year one, $89.99 thereafter.

150/65 Mbps speed – $129.99 a month for the first two years.

In reality though, most people are going to be looking for some sort of bundle – not many will want just FiOS internet all by itself.   Whether you go with a double play or a triple play package, the real savings come into play when you order multiple services.  Here are a couple of examples illustrating why you should consider a bundle if you are already going to subscribe to the internet product.

If you go with a double play package which includes the Prime HD channel lineup along with the 50/25 internet plan you will pay $89.99 a month with no contract.  That price is good for one year, then regular pricing will apply.

The same package with FiOS digital voice and a two year contract is available for just $5 more during the first year.  The big savings are also applied during the second year of service as well, as it only goes up $20 to $114.99 instead of the full price, which is more in the area of $160 a month.  So you can see the value of checking into a two year agreement and bundling multiple services.

Several additional promotions are also available with a two year contract.  These include free Multi Room DVR service for the first year, which is a $19.99 a month value.  Additionally, a $100 Visa Rebate card is available to new customers with a qualifying package.



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