Optimum TV Silver Package

When shopping cable and satellite television packges, cost is usually a top concern.  But some are willing to pay more for an all around entertainment experience.  Adding in premiums like HBO and Cinemax can actually save you some money if you enjoy your entertainment at home instead of heading out to a first run movie.  In the article, we will review the Optimum Silver package, covering what all is included along with the monthly costs.

This package from Cablevision is one step down from their all inclusive Gold package.   Though it doesn’t have all of the premium channels that are in the top bundle, there is plenty to watch.  Basically, the Silver package starts with the Optimum Preferred channel lineup and builds on it with several feeds of HBO, Showtime, Starz, and a few extras like Chiller and Smithsonian channel.

While the Preferred package has around 310 channels, the iO Silver package tops out at nearly 370.  This number includes the duplicate HD feeds of many standard definition channels, and also 24 hour music channels – so in reality you won’t get 370 different channels when you flip on the TV.

One of the nice things with all Optimum TV packages is the Free on Demand service.   With video on demand, you can access a library including thousands of titles at a moments notice.  The library is based upon the package you pay for, so with the Silver package you will have a ton of content from HBO, Showtime and Starz.  This makes you TV a virtual Redbox, as you can select from any of the movies or shows that are offered by these premium content providers.  Each premium on demand does have an extra $4.95 monthly charge.

The Optimum App is another nice feature, allowing subscribers access to their TV throughout their home.   Simply download the app to your laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device and you can watch live TV anywhere in your house on your mobile device.

So with all of these features, you might expect to pay through the nose for the Silver package.  While it isn’t exactly cheap at $89.95 a month, it can provide you value for your dollar if you are taking advantage of all of the channels offered.

New customers get promotional pricing on any video package when combined with internet and home phone.  For example, the Silver package when bundled is offered at $109.90 for the first 12 months.  So for just another $30 you will get a 15 Mbps broadband internet connection plus a home phone line through Cablevision with unlimited local and long distance calling.   After that the price reverts to normal, but no contract is required to get the new customer pricing.

Additional charges that you should be aware of include the already referenced premium on demand charge of $4.95 a month, plus any equipment charges.  DVR service and cable box charges can add up to $20 – $30 a month if you are connecting three or more TV sets.



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