Comparing AT&T U-verse vs Bright House

AT&T has invested billions over the last decade in a new service called U-verse. This product brings digital TV, high speed internet, and local phone service to millions and is specifically designed to challenge cable television companies.

BrightHouse is one such company involved in this ongoing battle against AT&T and their U-verse TV¬†product. A dominant cable operator in many communities across the country, BrightHouse isn’t going down without a fight.

When we do a comparison of these two companies, it is a true apples-to-apples evaluation. Both companies have triple play packages, and included in them are the same services.

So as a consumer, your best bet is to figure out what your priorities are before signing up. Some want the fastest internet connection, while others are more concerned about getting a cable TV package with as many channels as possible. Once you have your priorities in mind, its easier to evaluate the services offered by each provider.

Neither company uses a satellite dish, so you won’t have to worry about where to have a dish installed, or about weather affecting service, as this isn’t an issue. But you do need to evaluate any contract offers that are presented, as there can be an early termination fee if you disconnect service before the contract ends.

Triple Play Packages

As mentioned earlier, both providers offer triple play packs of voice, video, and internet service. With these deals, you generally get a better monthly rate, as the provider wants you to remain a loyal customer and they are willing to give you a break on the price. In addition, the customer likes this kind of arrangement as they get a single bill and a single provider to deal with in case of service issues.

Bright House keeps it fairly simple, offering one triple play package for about $107 a month. You get their Turbo internet service with 30/Mbps download speeds, digital cable with around 250 channels, and your home phone line with unlimited local and long distance calling. About twelve calling features are also included. In addition, free HD channels and video on demand services are included as well.

Extra cost that you will have to pay with this BrightHouse bundle include DVR service, pay per view and premium movie channels, modem rental fee if you don’t have your own, and taxes.

With AT&T, there are several different U-verse triple play bundling options. There are several TV options, including the U-family, U-200, and all inclusive U-450. Then there are four different internet tiers, from the 3 Mbps Internet Pro plan up to the 24 Mbps Max Turbo speed. Some of the higher speeds may not be available in all areas though, so check with AT&T to find out what is at your address. Finally there are two U-verse calling plans available to pick from.

If we build a U-verse bundle comparable to BrightHouse, you would get the U-200 TV package, Max Plus internet, and unlimited calling for about $120 a month. This would include one DVR, so its going to be about the same as Brighthouse when looking at cost alone. This deal would require signing a one year contract, but the nice thing is you get the discounted rate for two full years. Also a $150 Visa promotional card is included if you meet all of the terms and conditions set by AT&T.

Bright House and AT&T are extremely interested in new customers, as they represent thousands in revenue if the subscribers stays with the company for several years. So your best negotiating stance is as a new customer. Feel free to ask up front what they are “willing to do for you” if you commit to a contract. As mentioned above, AT&T discounts their packages for two years and offers a Visa debit card incentive. Bright House also offers discounts for a year, but you may also be able to enjoy premium channels for a few months at no charge if you ask.

Also check into deals that involve bundling wireless service. AT&T now can offer a “quad play” package, which gets you set up on one of their wireless plans as well.


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