Bright House vs Centurylink – Comparison Shopping

Bright House and Centurylink are both big players in the communications industry. While Centurylink focuses on DSL and phone service on a traditional phone network, Bright House uses their last mile cable network to serve millions of customers. In many areas, these companies compete head to head, meaning its up to the customer to find the best deal and service. Here are a few pointers on what each company has to offer in today’s competitive marketplace.

When looking at these companies, the first thing to consider is whether they serve your area. BrightHouse is a cable company, so they only operate where they have a franchise agreement. Detroit, Birmingham, and Tampa are a few of the major markets served by this corporation.

Centurylink has grown quite a bit in the last five years through acquisitions. They are now the third largest telephone company in the United States today after AT&T and Verizon. While they picked up some major cities like Phoenix and Seattle with their buyout of Qwest, they still are primarily a rural carrier.

Comparing Bright House and CenturyLink Packages

Brighthouse can offer a triple play package of voice, internet and cable TV service, which is nice because you can usually get a deal on a triple play. These offers are usually good for a year or so, then the price reverts to the regular rate.

Brighthouse offers hundreds of cable TV channels, cable internet speeds from 10 to 60 Mbps in most communities, and a landline with unlimited long distance and several calling features.

You can also get lots of HD channel content, and video on demand service as well. These extras are included at no extra charge as long as you have their digital cable service.

With Centurylink, things are going to be a little different. They of course are a phone company first, so there is no problem getting a land line set up, and in most areas high speed internet with a DSL line. Speeds will range from 1.5 Mbps to 40 Mbps depending on the area.

For video, you will probably have to go with DIRECTV satellite, as Centurylink only offers their Prism TV  service in about 10 communities so far. Because they don’t have this available nationally, they have an agreement with DIRECTV to resell their product, making a different kind of triple play bundle available to their subscriber base.

The downside here is that not everyone wants or can get satellite TV, as there is usually a contract required, and there are issues with apartment complexes when it comes to installing a dish.

If you are moving into and area where both Bright House and Centurylink offer service, carefully review the latest deals and offers from each provider. This is where you can really save some money if you make the right choice.

Because the marketplace is so competitive when it comes to internet and TV services, companies will often offer you big savings if as a new customer. Sometimes these deals come with a contract, other times they do not.  If you are an existing customer with either company though, you will probably have to do a little negotiating over the phone if you want to stay with the the company and save money at the same time.

But don’t be surprised if you can save anywhere from $30 to $70 a month compared with normal rates with one of these deals.

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