The DIRECTV Premier Package – What You Get

High end cable and satellite TV packages can be quite costly, but they do offer quite a bit of premium content.  If you enjoy watching movies at home instead of going out to a new release, the package price isn’t bad, especially if you have several people in your home.  In this article, we will take a look at the DIRECTV Premier package, the top end offer from the nation’s largest satellite television company.

So what exactly does DIRECTV give you with this top tier bundle? Pretty much every cable television channel you can think of is included, with the exception of pay per view movies.

You may never go to a movie theater again, as the main selling point is the commercial free movie channels offered 24 hours a day.  All in all, there are more than 40 premium channels included.

Breaking that down further, you will get include 11 HBO feeds, 15 channels of Starz and Encore,  8 Cinemax channels, and to round things out 13 Showtime movie channels.

Sports fans will also find anything and everything in this package.  In addition to the standards such as ESPN and ESPNEWS, there are 35 additional regional sports networks thrown in for good measure.  Included are 3 Comcast regional networks, more than a dozen Fox Sports Net channels, and the YES channel, home of the New York Yankees.  The DIRECTV Sports pack is normally an additional $12, but it is included in the Premier package.

One thing to note however is that virtually all live professional sporting events are blacked out on these channels, with the exception of the regional sports networks in your area.  Many live college events are televised, but to get out of market games you generally have to subscribe to something like MLB Extra Innings or the NBA League Pass, each run about $200 per season.

Local channels are here in more than 99% the country.   ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are the standard locals, while the CW and PBS stations are available in some areas.

Plenty of audio programming is also accessible in the Premier package as well.  Sonic Tap provides commercial free music 24 hours a day, with music from every genre.  Currently there are approximately 70 different stations available.

HD programming and DVR service can be included as well, but you will have to get the right equipment to make things work.   Current promotion offer the DIRECTV Genie whole home DVR at no up front cost, but there is a monthly advanced receiver fee.   The current charge for this is $25 a month, but new customers are eligible for a $10 credit for 24 months if they are willing to enroll in automatic payment and auto bill pay.

So what will all of this cost? Actually less than you think.The normal price for the DIRECTV Premier package is $124.99 per month, so about $4 a day.   Of course there are always deals for new customers, and right now if you sign up for the Premier package you will get a few bonuses.

First off, new customers enjoy discounted rates during the first two years of service.   During the first 12 months, a $38 discount is applied, and during months 13-24 a $10 discount is given.  Overall, this translates to about $600 off of the regular DIRECTV price.

Additionally, DIRECTV is offering the Ultimate Sports bundle at no extra cost to new subscribers.  This includes access to two premium packages, the MLB Extra Innings deal which just kicked off, and the upcoming NFL Sunday Ticket which won’t start until early September.  This is another $400 in programming value at no extra cost if you sign up for the Premier package from DIRECTV.

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