Xfinity Deals – A Brief Overview

Xfinity continues to pepper the airwaves and mailboxes with deals on their products and services.  As the nation’s largest cable and internet company, they reach millions with their offers.  But are they a good deal when compared with satellite television?  What kind of Xfinity deals are available to you?

Most of the current deals on Xfinity TV revolve around either the double or triple play package of services.  The cable triple play has become a common purchase for  millions of Americans, who enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one company for their cable TV, their high speed internet access, and their home phone line.   But with so many relying now on their wireless phone full time, a double play which just has video and internet might save you a few bucks a month .

With Xfinity, there are actually several deals available, it all depends on how you construct your  package.  Some just want a basic cable package, but need as much speed as possible from their internet connection.  Others are just looking for a basic internet connection for e-mail and web surfing, but want hundreds of cable TV channels along with premium service like HBO.

The Starter XF Triple play from Xfinity is their entry level deal, and is priced at $99 per month.  With this Xfinity special, you get around 80 digital cable channels, a high speed internet connection with speeds ranging from 12 to 20 Mbps (depends on your area), and the Xfinity voice service which includes unlimited local and long distance calling.  The only additional charge here is if you need to rent a modem, which they refer to as
Several other Xfinity triple play deals are priced as follows:an eMTA, or combined cable modem telephone adapter.  The charge for this is $5 per month.  The $99 price is good for one year, and then it goes up to $119.99 a month for the second year.  After that, regular Xfinity prices apply to the package, and that currently ranges from $136.99 to $145 a month depending on your area.  With this deal, you can also enjoy a free Xfinity HD DVR for six months, and no contract is required.

HD Preferred XF Triple Play – $119.99 for 12 months.

HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play – $139.99 for a year.
Now not everyone needs or wants all of the services offered in the Xfinity packages.  Some do not have a computer, so a combination of cable and voice service works for them.  Others no longer need or want a landline if they rely on their cell phone, so they want a double play package including cable and Xfinity internet.  If you fall into one of these categories, there are still several Xfinity deals there for the taking.  Here are a few examples.HD Premier XF Triple Play – $159.99 for two years, but requires a contract for that term.

Digital Starter with Xfinity Performance Internet – $69.99 for six months.

Preferred XF Double Play – $89.99 a month for a year.

Digital Premier with Performance Internet -$119.99/month.

Digital Starter with Xfinity Voice – $69.99/mo

The promotional period on some of these double plays can vary from six months to a year, so its a good idea to read the fine print before your sign up for service.  If you plan on staying in one place for a longer period, you may want to look into some of the 2-year contract deals.  While you are locked in with one provider for a longer period, you can get a lower price for the term, and several deals with Xfinity offer a Visa cash card in return, sometimes as much as $350 back!

These contracts are similar in nature to the ones required by satellite companies DISH and DIRECTV, which have required a 24 month agreement for several years now.


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