Reviewing Charter Triple Play Packages

The Charter triple play is a bundle of communication services designed to set you up with one provider for voice, video, and high speed internet access.  The current offers from Charter give you three different services for $29.99 each when you bundle during the first year of service.   On the downside, you will be facing a significant increase in price once the first year promotional offer expires.  Lets take a look at some of the deals available with the Charter triple play.

The entry level triple play bundle offers a low entry level price of $89.97 a month for one year.  Here you get Charter TV Select, Charter internet with 30 Mbps download speeds, and Charter phone with unlimited long distance and local calling.   This deal also includes a $200 cash back card for new cable television customers.

Most people in a Charter service area will be interested in the next triple play bundle.  The  Charter TV Silver, Internet Plus, and unlimited phone will hook you up for $109.97 a month.  The  digital cable included here has around 175 channels – including 80 in HD, and free On demand access.  The same internet package is included here with 30 Mbps download speeds, allowing mulitple users to connect without any problems.  The digital phone package gives you 10 calling features like Caller ID and voicemail plus unlimited calling across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  If you want to add Charter DVR service to this offer that will cost you an additional $19.99 per month.

A couple of things to keep in mind with this Charter triple play bundle.  The price on this package is locked in for this first year, which is a standard practice with most cable and satellite television companies.   After the year is up you can either shop for another provider or stick with Charter at the rates offered at that time.

This deal also includes a $200 gift card rebate, which comes in the form of a Visa rewards card or there are other merchants available to pick from such as Walmart, BestBuy and Target.   You do have to order the Charter package online then follow the instructions to claim your rebate.  All of the current Charter triple play offers include the $200 rebate option while the Double play deals do not, so you may want to favor the triple play option even though it costs a little more each month.

Now if you  want more of an all inclusive package, consider the Triple play Gold deal.  With more than 100 HD channels including premiums like HBO and Starz, there are literally thousands of options available every day.   The premium package includes Charter TV Gold, the previously mentioned Charter Internet Plus, and of course the home phone line as well.   Video on demand with thousands of viewing options are also included for $129.97 a month for the first year.  With this package, new customers are again eligible for the $200 gift card provided you meet the terms and conditions of the program.

So does the Charter triple play beat offers from Dish Network and DIRECTV?  It depends mainly on what you want as a consumer. DIRECTV still offers more sports content, including the NFL Sunday Ticket, while Dish Network still offers some of the lowest prices in the industry.  But with the current Charter promotions you will get a full communications package with a single provider, something you can’t buy from either satellite television company at this time.


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