DISH Network Raising Rates in 2013

After freezing subscription rates in 2011, DISH Network will pass a significant rate hike along early next year.   Prices on satellite television customers will go up between $5 and $15 dollars as higher programming costs are once again being cited as the main culprit.  So how will the price increase hit your particular DISH package?  Lets take a closer look.

Subscribers to the DISH America’s Everything package will endure the most pain, as a $15 monthly rate hike is in the cards.  This will mean an annual increase of $180, though the package does include a ton of content including more than 30 commercial free movie networks.  The new monthly price will be $119.99.

The America’s Top 250 includes most of the content found in the America’s Everything bundle, with the exception of the premium channels.  This package will go up from $69.99 to $74.99 – a $5 price hike.

The Top 200 package will also see a $5.00 monthly hike, going from $59.99 to $64.99 monthly.

The America’s Top 120 offers two tiers, the regular and the plus package.  The big difference being that the Plus package includes regional sports networks in most areas of the country.   The Top 120 Plus will go from $49.99 to $59.99 monthly, while the regular Top 120 will increase $5 from $44.99 to just under $50.  The higher pricing certainly reflects the costs associated with bringing in regional sports networks, in some cases multiple RSNs.

Finally, low priced packages will be hit with $5 increases as well.  The DISH Smart Pack, which only has 55 channels, will go from $24.99 a month up to $29.99 monthly.  And the seldom offered “Welcome Pack” will increase from $14.99 to $19.99 a month.

DISH DVR fees will remain fairly flat.  The Hopper DVR charge will stay at $10, as it has since its introduction.  DISH ViP DVR boxes will see a $1 monthly hike, from $6 to $7.  When compared to most cable companies however, DISH DVR fees remain much lower, sometimes by as much as $10 monthly.

So are there any ways to save on DISH service?  Price protection deals are still out there if you act before the rate increase kicks in on January 17th, 2013.   Basically, if you activate a new DISH subscription between March 2012 and January 16th 2012, you are eligible for a $5 credit for 12 months.  This will in essence offset the price increase for now, at least until 2014 rolls around.


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