U-verse Increasing Internet Speeds

AT&T will invest billions in both their wireless and wireline networks over the next three years – the result?

Faster U-verse internet speeds will soon be coming to millions of customers across the country.

Right now, Uverse internet speeds top out at 24 Mbps for the “Max Turbo” product.  But with cable companies like Xfinity offering new products that offer 100 Mbps or more, AT&T is stepping up their game by upgrading and expanding their U-verse internet product.   What sort of speed will be available to AT&T customers?

AT&T said it will be able to offer speeds of 75 Mbps, and increase the speed of its U-verse IPDSLAM service, an IP-based DSL product, to up to 45 Mbps, “with a path to deliver even higher speeds in the future.”

With the U-verse TV expansion, AT&T will likely overtake Verizon in pay TV homes. AT&T ended the third quarter with 4.3 million U-verse TV subscribers, while Verizon finished Q3 with 4.3 million FiOS TV customers. AT&T picked up 198,000 U-verse TV and 613 U-verse high-speed Internet customers during the quarter.  Read more at…

While the new speeds won’t overtake what cable operators are already offering – FiOS Quantam tops 300 Mbps in some areas – the internet download speeds will certainly be enough to satisfy most subscribers.  The AT&T release also notes that network upgrades will allow faster speeds in the future.

AT&T will also be expanding U-verse availability as part of the capital investment.  This is great news for many who are still tied to the cable company in their area, with satellite TV being the only alternative.  Currently, U-verse service passes by 24 million homes – but with the expansion  nearly 33 million customer locations will have access to the product by the end of 2015.

The expansion highlights one area where AT&T has a competitive advantage over traditional cable companies – wireless.  By offering a discounted bundle that includes internet, video, and wireless service, a customer is more likely to pick U-verse over a cable triple play package.


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