Centurylink Prism TV Coming to Phoenix

Centurylink will soon offer customers in the Phoenix market another choice for their cable television service, as Prism TV will launch next month.

The news came from Centurylink CEO Glenn Post after reviewing the company’s thrid quarter results with Wall Street analysts:

Post, speaking during a conference call detailing the earnings results, said the soft launch would represent the “first legacy Qwest market to receive the service” that he said “represents a very compelling entertainment alternative to cable.”  Read more at…

Centurylink already offers Prism TV in eight markets across the country, and recently crossed the 100,000 mark when looking at the number of subscribers.  Similar to the U-verse product offered by AT&T, Prism TV uses FTTN (Fiber to the Node) technology, relying on their existing copper network to transmit signal over the last mile.

The company expects Prism TV to be a big part in building customer loyalty and stemming losses resulting from subscribers disconnecting their traditional landline service.  Post noted that 90% of customers that subscribe to the Centurylink TV service also connect to high speed internet service through the company.  In the end, a customer with a Centurylink bundle is much more likely to stay with the company, as cable television companies have discovered with their triple play packages.

The move sets up a head-to-head battle between Centurylink and Cox Communications, the dominant cable provider in the Phoenix, Arizona market.  Cox has been the sole option for a traditional triple play package, as Centurylink had to partner with DIRECTV in Phoenix to offer customers a video product.    While that is better than nothing, some do not want satellite television service because of its contratual requirements.

Centurylink will offer a soft launch of Prism TV before the end of 2012, with a full blown marketing campaign starting in the first six months of 2012.  The company plans to add Prism TV in another market formerly served by Qwest Communications in the second half of 2013.


Watch:  CenturyLink Prism TV Introduction


  1. I need to print out channel guide to make sure I get favorite family channels like CNE that has dragon (how to train your dragon) for my little guys
    Please send me channel line up
    we are set up to get service installed 13th

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