DIRECTV vs Charter Cable – Reviewing Your Options

If you live in an area served by Charter cable, no doubt you have considered whether it is better to use their cable service or perhaps go with one of the satellite TV companies. In this article, we will compare Charter vs. DIRECTV satellite TV, and consider which one will be best for your situation.
Charter cable is currently the fourth largest cable TV company in America, and has nearly 5 million subscribers. DIRECTV is the largest

If you live in an area served by Charter cable, no doubt you have considered whether it is better to use their cable service or perhaps go with one of the satellite TV companies. In this article, we will compare Charter vs DIRECTV satellite TV, and consider which one will be best for your situation.  Charter cable is currently the fourth largest cable TV company in America, and has nearly 5 million subscribers. DIRECTV is the largest satellite TV company, with 18 million subscribers. Their primary competitor remains Dish Network, who boasts 14 million subscribers of their own.

When starting a comparison of DIRECTV and Charter cable, one thing to do up front is evaluate exactly what video, internet, and home phone services you require.   Many prefer to go with one company for all of those services if possible, making it easier if their is a customer service issue.

DIRECTV of course is a pay television provider, so you won’t be ordering  a complete bundle including home phone service and high speed internet from them. On the other hand, a cable TV company like Charter has the capability of offering all of these communication options.  While a Charter bundle might seem like the way to go based on this information, considering other factors like price, customer service, and HD channels access are also important.

Now if you do decide that DIRECTV is the right choice for you, the alternative is to use Charter or your local phone company for high speed internet and phone service. Big telecom companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Centurylink have partnered with DIRECTV so that you can sometimes get a discount on service, or at least combined billing for DSL, voice, and video service.

Charter vs DIRECTV Channels

If you compare the channel lineups in the Charter digital cable lineup and the DIRECTV packages, you probably will not see much of a difference. Certainly there are a few channels here or there that may not be found with one company or the other, but generally the major cable channels and local networks like NBC are going to be found with both companies. If there is a secondary cable network you are especially interested in, be sure to either call Charter and DIRECTV and see which package has your channel of interest before ordering.

Now if poor customer service gets to you, pay attention here to how DIRECTV compared to Charter cable. Its hard to argue that ANY pay television company provides great customer service. For years, cable TV built a poor reputation nationally as they pretty much ignored the service aspect of the business. While horror stories about both DIRECTV and Charter abound on the internet, customer service surveys give a better picture of how these companies perform.  The latest University of Michigan survey rates DIRECTV at the top of the heap when it comes to customer service beating out Dish Network, Time Warner and Comcast among the biggest providers. Unfortunately Charter cable came in at the opposite end of the rankings.

According to the 2009 ACSI survey, Charter cable scored a 51, which was a decline of 5.6% when compared to their 2008 score. DIRECTV scored a 71, which was a 4.4% increase over their 2008 score. While Charter cable is currently in bankruptcy, it really doesn’t excuse being the lowest rated cable or satellite provider in America.

New Customers Get the Best Deals

So lets look at the pricing and package structures of both Charter and DIRECTV satellite television. Both Charter and DIRECTV offer deals if you are a new customer. With DIRECTV you can take $26 off of your package price for one year, as long as register for your rebate, and register your email address online and accept e-mail from Charter cable deals are as follows:

Charter starter cable is just $9.99 a month for six months. This is an absolute bare bones basic cable package, which has your local channels and a few other networks tossed in. Most will want to start at least with the Charter digital cable package, which is $49.99 a month for the first six months. Charter on demand programming is also included here, which will give you access to more than 6,000 shows and movies each month. The regular price for this package is $70 a month in the St. Louis Missouri market, but you may want to check the area you live in as cable TV prices can vary based on the region you live in.

Finally, the Charter HD package is $54.99 a month for the first six months, and it includes everything in the Charter digital bundle plus of course any high definition channels available in your area. Normal Charter pricing on this package is $70 per month after six months.

Now if you are looking at comparable bundles from DIRECTV, the first option is the Entertainment package, which runs $29.99 a month for a year, then it goes up to the regular price of $54.99 monthly.  Now if you are looking to compare a DIRECTV package with Charter Digital cable TV, the two offers that are most closely aligned are the Choice package and the Choice Xtra bundle.

The DIRECTV Choice bundle is currently priced at $34.99 per month for the first year, while ChoiceXtra is $39.99 for the first year.  Both of these prices reflect the $29 dollar a month discount discussed earlier. As far as channel selection, Choice has 150+ channels, and Choice Xtra has 200+ channels counting audio and video networks. By comparison, the Charter digital cable package has about 100 video channels and 45 commercial free audio channels in the lineup. HD access can be added to any DIRECTV package for $10 per month.

So who comes out on top when comparing Charter’s high definition channel selection against DIRECTV?  This debate used to be pretty one-sided, as DIRECTV was the leader in offering HD channels while Charter cable floundered far behind in most areas of the country.  But in the last year or so the gap has been closed quite a bit.

While DIRECTV has about 112 national HD channels, they advertise more (170+) when in fact they are counting pay per view movie channels in some of their marketing material.  Actual HD channel counts are important to consider when comparing providers, as they oftentimes pad their numbers to make it look like they have more HD then the competition.  An unbiased source to review is this unofficial chart , which currently has Charter HD offering 96 HD channels in wide distribution, and another 20 in limited areas.  Your actual HD channel count could be quite different depending on your area, as hi def channels are not rolled out nationally with cable TV providers as they are with satellite TV companies.

If you are one who goes for the all inclusive type of package, both Charter and DIRECTV have something along those lines, just be prepared to shell out quite a bit of cash each month for this option. The DIRECTV Premier package is currently about $120 a month, then you would have to pay another $10 a month for HD, and $6 per month for each additional receiver. This package will give your more than 265 channels total, including more than 30 commercial free premiums like HBO.  Discounts are given to new customers for the first and second year of service.

Charter has a similar option, which is basically the Digital Home with HD, then adding on the premiums at $36 for all of them together. Added to the promotional price of the Charter digital package with HD of $54.99 a month and the Digital view channels for $20 a month and you will be looking at $111 a month for the first six months before the price goes up.

Video on Demand – Which is better?

Another consideration when looking at a comparison of DIRECTV against Charter cable is the On-demand platform offered by each company.  Charter has deployed on demand content like other big cable companies like Comcast and AT&T U-verse, though they have fewer selections at this time. Right now, Charter offers more than 6,000 titles in their on demand library, which kind of pales in comparison to Comcast’s 17,000 plus titles, or the 18,000 offered by Verizon Fios at this time. Then again, how much TV can one person really watch? DIRECTV offers their own on-demand system as well, but it relies on the customer having their own high speed internet connection, which you don’t need with Charter on demand. While the DIRECTV on demand setup is workable, it can be a bit frustrating compared to the robust on demand platform of Charter, or any other cable TV company for that matter.

Considerations for Sports Fans

Now if you are a hardcore sports junkie, you certainly don’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes to the big game. If you are serious about your team, you may want to seriously consider DIRECTV over Charter cable, as the sports programming options are far superior on satellite TV.

The basic sports channels can be found on both Charter and DIRECTV. These include ESPN, ESPN2, and other regional sports networks like Fox Sports. The area where DIRECTV holds an edge is in carrying the premium sports packages, and some of the secondary sports channels like the NFL Network. Everyone of course is familiar with the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is an exclusive of DIRECTV.   But it goes quite a bit further in that DIRECTV carries, all of the sports bundles, and Charter doesn’t carry many at all.

With Charter, you will only be able to subscribe to the following sports packages if they are of interest to you: MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Gameplan and ESPN Fullcourt.   With DIRECTV, you can get all of these packages, plus these if they are your cup of tea: NBA League Pass, NCAA Mega March Madness, MLS Direct Kick, the previously mentioned Sunday Ticket, and NASCAR Hotpass which is actually free at this time.  Obviously most of these premiums sports packages are going to cost you some money, but keep in mind you won’t even be able to get them on Charter.  The NFL Network is another important sports channel that is not carried on Charter or Time Warner cable.

Another consideration is DVR service, and because of the convenience and popularity of digital video recorders, you definitely will want to get one with either Charter or DIRECTV.   The Charter DVR will run you $15 a month for each DVR, while with DIRECTV it is currently priced at $6 per month.  DIRECTV does offer some of the latest and greatest when it comes to Whole Home service, with their “Genie DVR” being the latest option for those wanting to record and access content on multiple TVs throughout the home.

As mentioned earlier, both Charter and DIRECTV want your business, so they offer deals to new customers to get you to sign up.  DIRECTV offers include free installation and a large discount during year one and a smaller discount in year two.  Some of the additional Charter deals are as follows:  The Digital home, Digital view, and 2 premiums package for $80.99 a month for 6 months, then the regular price is $94 a month.  The basic Charter triple play offer is $69.97 for limited basic cable, 1.5 Mbps DSL and Digital phone.  This is good for 12 month then goes to the regular price of $104.97.

Charter Digital Cable plus  5 Mbps Internet package is $93.98 for six months, and includes one premium channel but no Charter phone service.  The regular price here is $138.99 a month.  The Charter Ultimate Bundle includes anything and everything from the cable company.  Charter Digital home, Charter HD, and 3 Premium movie channels kick off this package.   Added next is 10 Mbps Charter high speed internet service, and finally Charter Telephone with unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico rounds out the bundle.  Total price here is $165.97 for one year, then $200.97 after the promotional period.

Additional Charter packages are available which mix and match different levels of cable, internet, and home phone service to your specifications.  Full details can be found at their website or by calling Charter customer service at 1-888-438-2427.

For further information, please browse our Charter cable review, or visit our homepage to start learning more about satellite TV.


  1. Nice summary article. I’ve been a CC customer for over 10 years. Generally speaking I’m not a CC hater as many are, but the service was really poor for a long time. Not so bad recently. Charter internet is great, with only a few hiccups over the years.

    Biggest pain are these “after x months we’ll increase your bill” practices of all services, cable or satellite. If NEW customers can get a price break, what about customers loyal for years? Doesn’t make sense. Every year or 2 back to the game of “I’ll cancel if you don’t…” and so on. I hate that game. One of the things I loathe most is the 60-90 minutes on the phone after hitting 17 “press [another number] for the next menu” numbers.

    • “If NEW customers can get a price break, what about customers loyal for years? Doesn?t make sense.” You nailed it there.

  2. I see that this is biased towards directTV. judging from the fact that, the packages you decribed for charter no longer exist. When Charter Communications went bankrupt, and hired the new CEO they decided to keep the name charter. Technically it is no longer Charter “communications”. they could have very well named the company something entirely different. long story short, it’s not the same company, and is ran by entirely different people. The prices you quoted are completely out-dated, the sheer amount of selections, regarding On Demand services are no were near where they actually are.

    I agree Direct tv comes out ahead in HD selection and actual HD resolution, however when comes to being honest… let’s just say direct tv is guilty of stretching the truth. but hey no big deal, they paid 13 some odd million dollars to right their wrong for false advertising. judging from this particular skewed comparisson of charter a direct tv, and the false statements made against charter, AND the fact that there is a direct tv ad at the top, this is probably sponsored by direct tv, making actual relevance 0.0%

  3. all of these companies should be forced to include FULL TAX CALCULATIONS with their estimates.. as well as the misc. fees, theyshould also be forced to NOT LIE about their “12 month” deals, which are total bullshit.

    they all lie, never tell you the FULL PRICE of the service, and after have you in contract, change stuff at will .. how they want, when they want, because they know you will usually not cancel service and pay termination fees.

    Charter is THE worse company.. and have only gotten more bad with the new CEO. they still do not give a damn about their subscribers… they have you by the balls in a contract that only benefits them (just like all the others).

  4. Thanks for the summary. I have Charter, and have struggled to stay with them for years. Every 6 months or so I’d call after my bill went up to complain and ask if there were any current promotions. We’d dance and they’d readjust my bill after the threat of leaving for a dish company. The last time I called they said they no longer would negotiate deals and that the price was set. They also told me that my currently grandfathered in set-up (with my own modem) was no longer an option as they now lease all modems to their customers, and that if I wanted the ‘deal’, I’d have to come in to get one. The bummer is that if I go with the deal and save $20 off my bill each month, I gain a premium channel but lose several others I frequently watch. I’d have to pay another $30 to get those back. Charter… and maybe all networks, have figured out how to squeeze their customers into either taking the deal or paying more. Very frustrating!

  5. just figured out direct tv has programs not carried by charter. national geo.. i get the channel but not dr. pol or the new ceasar milan ?? and it seems the same shows & movies just keep running over & over on charter ?? so , even tho they give you the channels you don’t get the programs ??

  6. I have Charter Cable in the San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 market. Charter carries NBC Sports Network (NBCSN-NBCSP) only in digitial, not HD. I have been trying for a year to get an answer as to when HD will be offered, but have been stone-walled by Charter. NBCSN carries F1 and the Tour de France, so HD is a must! Does anyone have an idea how to find out when NBCSN HD will be offered on Charter? Thanks!

  7. I had Charter for two years while I was in college in Eau Claire WI. After my bill climbed over $170 for TV and internet with their extended basic, I switched to Direct. My promotions are gone, but I’m now paying just under 100 for TV with Direct and internet through Charter. Also, the Direct TV customer service is at least customer service. Charter has a bunch of secretaries or foreigners who aren’t willing to do anything but remind you of your bill. As a current Direct TV customer I would suggest dropping Charter after the TV costs more than $70 because the prices will keep climbing and at least Direct can tell you three years of prices ahead of time.

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