Charter Cable TV Packages – What You Need to Know

One of the advantages that cable can offer over satellite TV is the ability to package multiple services.   Cable providers like Charter communications have a last mile network, meaning a physical line to each home and business they serve.  This means they can offer two way services like high speed internet and home phone calling over the same line that brings the cable channels to the home.  Charter cable packages make it a bit easier on the customer, as you have one bill to pay each month, and one provider to get in touch with if you have a customer service issue.

Because Charter makes more money each month with a customer that has a multiple services, incentives are offered to get you to sign up – and stay with them for a long period of time.   In this article, we will review a few of the incentives offered to those packaging multiple services with Charter, and consider if this is the best way to get all of your communication services.

The current packages offered include either two or three services.  For those who want a home phone line, then the Charter triple play package is going to be your best option.  While you can get a triple play from Charter for as low as $60, it only includes local channels.   For most, the following packages will have much more appeal.

For $89.97 a month (for one year), the entry level Charter package gives you TV with HD channels, the Charter Internet Lite service (downloads up to 3 Mbps) and home phone service with unlimited in-state long distance.   This bundle works out well for those who like all of the basic cable channels, but aren’t interested in premiums like HBO and Showtime.  The internet product here is basic as well, and probably not the best for multiple users or those who want a streaming movie service like Netflix.

If you are wanting a bit more, then the Premium Movie Bundle is offered at $124.97 a month for the first year.  Here you get an upgraded Charter internet connection (15 Mbps) and also your choice of one premium like HBO, Starz, or Showtime.  Additionally, the home phone line is upgraded to include long distance anywhere in the country.  Keep in mind with either one of these packages, only one receiver is included.  If you are going to get additional receivers, or the Charter DVR, then you will pay more each month.

When shopping these  bundle packages, you will also want to review what is available as far as the Charter deals go.  These can come in the form of cash back, Visa rebate cards, or bill credits.  For 2012, Charter has moved to a bill credit promotional plan when you sign a two year contract.   The specials right now include a $200 rebate on your bill when you sign a two year deal.  Some of the packages also include a price lock option, keeping your plan at the same level until 2014.

Because Charter includes a 30-day guarantee on their package plans, you cannot redeem the rebate until that period has passed.  Once you have had service for more than a month, you can simply go to and sign in to redeem your bill credit.   The $200 incentive should then appear on your next billing statement.

If a triple play package is too much, then there are several double play options from Charter that you can review and buy on their website or over the phone.  Depending on your personal needs, you can order a Charter package with the right combination of home phone, high speed internet, and digital cable TV service.


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