Reviewing a Few Alternatives to Time Warner Cable

If you have Time Warner cable, you probably already know about their high monthly rates and underwhelming customer service.  But how do competitors compare to the cable TV company?  Are there any good alternatives to Time Warner cable that can meet your needs at an affordable price?  Lets take a closer look at some of the options.

1. Satellite Television – This is probably the first alternative that comes to mind when you are looking to get away from your local cable company.  Unfortunately, satellite service isn’t as robust as cable, meaning you can’t get all of services with DIRECTV or DISH Network like high speed internet or home phone service.  Satellite TV service is also difficult to get if you live in a condominium or high rise apartment building.   But if you are looking for a top video only provider, then satellite service is going to be one of the best options available.  Both DIRECTV and DISH TV bundles offer more than 100 HD channels, exceptional DVR devices, and big discounts to new customers during the first year of service.  Customers of Time Warner considering a switch to DISH or DIRECTV need to remember that both require a two year contract as a new customer, something you generally don’t have to deal with as a cable subscibers.

2.) Telco TV options – Time Warner is facing new competition in major markets from both AT&T and Verizon.  FiOS TV is now available in many parts of New York and New Jersey, areas where Time Warner has long held a virtual monopoly.  Time Warner customers in Texas and the Carolinas may now have the U-verse TV package option offered by AT&T.  What do these alternate providers offer?

Generally you will be able to do a true apples-to-apples comparison shop when lining up Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse against Time Warner.  Both providers offer great high speed internet plans, which meet or exceed the Time Warner internet speeds available in many areas.  Additionally, the triple play options offer you a one stop shopping solution, similar to the Time Warner triple play package.  Both companies offer deals to new customers, but there is of course fine print in those deals – make sure you do your research before jumping into any sort of agreement.

3.) Streaming services – This alternative to TWC is best for those who really need to cut down their monthly entertainment bill.  By going with Hulu or Netflix, or even both you will be able to slash your monthly entertainment budget down to around $30 or less.  In this scenario, you will be sacrificing live TV events like sports and news, and simply enjoy movies and TV shows through streaming services and DVDs by mail.  One thing you will need though if you go with streaming service is a robust high speed internet line, preferably something that downloads at 10 Mbps or higher.

So there are a few alternatives to Time Warner, each with pros and cons.   If you are tired of Time Warner raising rates on you, another angle to consider is simply shopping around a bit and then calling Time Warner customer service- letting the know that you may be cancelling service.  You may be able to negotiate some sort of deal with their retention department by simply expressing your displeasure with the size of your bill, and by mentioning a few of the competitive offers in your area.


  1. Nice opportunity. informative article. Thanks.

    Warner internet alone runs me $39 alone in Milwaukee, WI. Yet, a friend, elderly,
    cannot get this rate, called introductory, because she has changed from the big

    Outside of Email, and a bit of research, surfing the so-called net these days, is trying,
    is filled with ads. Then, we have an insult, Windows 10, YUK!

    Maybe someone will come along with something simple, easy to navigate around, with
    necessary ads, yet not greedy which most carriers are.

    no longer makes sense.

    introduction cost

  2. I am so tired of cable companies AND telephone companies! They all play us for fools! Satellite really isn’t any better. Let’s face it, these companies all know what the other guy is charging. So they price their products accordingly. So far I cannot see any real relieve from using any of the above mentioned. If there’s a new kid on the block, dear lord let him be found! I only need a reliable internet connection. Indoor antenna works fine for local news, PBS, etc. I pay $60. per month for an internet speed I do have to have. It seems they only have a speed faster than what I need (50mps) or 10 mph(just a little to slow). You can’t tell me that they don’t have a monopoly on us, because they do! People deserve a break, after all they need us as much as we think we need their service. What about senior citizens who really deserve a discount?!

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