CenturyLink Bundles – What Are Your Options?

CenturyLink is now the third largest telephone company in America, when looking at the total number of landlines.  The company also covers a huge geographical area, spanning from the Carolinas on the east coast all the way to Oregon and Washington state on the west coast.  With such a large presence, there is a good chance that a CenturyLink bundle might be available to you.  What sort of deals are available from CenturyLink currently?  In being a traditional landline company for decades, how is CenturyLink addressing the customers desire for cable TV?  In this article we will review the CenturyLink bundles currently offered including the DIRECTV and Prism TV video options.

CenturyLink has grown significantly in the last five years, first with the acquisition of Embarq and then recently with their purchase of Qwest Communications.  The CenturyLink-Embarq deal closed in 2009, and the Qwest acquisition was completed just a few months ago.  The combined company now serves millions across 37 states, offering high speed internet access and phone service primarily.  So what kind of bundle options are available to customers in the CenturyLink footprint?

Most offers from the company currently focus on CenturyLink high speed internet service, which is delivered through DSL technology.  Basic connections speeds start at 1.5 Mbps and new customers can get pricing as low as $14.95 a month when bundled with a home phone line.  The downside of this deal is that you have to get the top tier CenturyLink phone package, which runs $45.00 a month, but does include unlimited local and long distance calling along with eleven calling features like caller ID and call waiting.  Customers also have the option of going for the 5 year CenturyLink internet price lock, which assures you of a fixed price as long as you stick with the same services.

But if you want multiple services you are probably better off looking into either the Double Savings bundle or the Triple Savings bundle.  Here is a brief overview on pricing.

The CenturyLink Double savings bundle is currently being offered for $54.95 in most advertisements right now.  This bundle consists of the same 1.5 Mbps internet line, but with a lower price home phone line, which is $35.00 a month.  Here you get 12 months of savings, but no price lock beyond that time frame.  Also the residential home line does not include unlimited long distance, you will pay .05 cents a minute in addition.  If you use a cell phone for your long distance calls, this plan might work out for you, but otherwise its worth the $5 extra to go with the five year price lock package and not worry about making unlimited calls to anywhere in the country.

If you want cable channels from CenturyLink, there are a couple of options.  Most will have to go with DIRECTV service through CenturyLink, as they are the current satellite TV partner.  Basically, you can review any of the DIRECTV package options that are available directly from the satellite provider, then simply add that price to your bill.  You may realize a small additional monthly discount on your home phone bill, as they reward your for bundling additional services.  The current triple savings bundle being advertised for $89.95 a month for one year includes the Choice Xtra video package, which is priced at $34.99 a month as a DIRECTV deal for new customers.  Be aware though with this bundle from CenturyLink that you are tied into a two year DIRECTV contract, and that the price is discounted by $31 a month during the first year of service.

A few markets like Orlando, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina have the option of subscribing to Prism TV, which is a cable service delivered over the existing telephone network (no satellite dish required!)  This product is still in its infancy, and depending on its success it may be deployed to other large markets in the years ahead.  Similar to AT&T U-verse, it uses IPTV to bring hundreds of channels to the customer, along with faster internet speeds and your home phone line.  Most CenturyLink packages that feature the Prism option are discounted by $20 a month for six months before reverting to the normal price.

Several additional bundling options are available with CenturyLink, including the option of adding in Verizon Wireless service.  Additionally, customers who have a need for higher internet speed can select from several other options, including 40 Mpbs fiber optic service in some major markets like Denver.   While the low prices advertised on CenturyLink bundles look great,  pricing can easily jump $30 a month if one of the higher tier internet packages are selected.

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