DISH Network Multi-Sport Package – What Channels Are Included?

If you are a sports fan, satellite TV providers like DISH Networkand DIRECTV are your best bet for the most live action.  While DIRECTV has a bit of an advantage in that they are the exclusive provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, DISH Network matches up well in several other areas.  One of the recent additions to the programming lineups of cable and satellite providers is the sports tier package, which adds some secondary channels to the well known networks like ESPN.  DIRECTV offers the Sports Pack, and the Multi-Sport pack is the name of the sports tier offered by DISH Network.  What channels do you get with this addition?  How much will you pay for the DISH Network Multi-Sport pack?  Lets take a closer look at this bundle of sports channels.

The main selling point of this package is currently the NFL version of the Red Zone channel, which is only broadcast on Sundays during the season.  This channel is a nice alternative to the expensive Sunday Ticket package, though you won’t be able to watch your favorite team from start to finish.  Instead, the network cuts from game to game as teams are inside the “Red Zone”, usually the 20-yard line.  DISH Network offers this channel, as do many cable providers like Xfinity TV, but you cannot get the NFL version of Red Zone channel on DIRECTV.

Several 24 hour a day sports channels from various leagues are also part of the Multi-sport pack.  These include the MLB Channel, NHL Network, NBA TV, and the NFL Network.  As the names imply, each of these networks are dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of the league all year long.  Some live games are also carried on each network.  All of these channels are already included in the America’s Top 200 and higher, so it would only make sense to add the DISH Multi-Sport pack to the America’s Top 120 if you just want additional sports programming and not the other channels.

Several additional channels are also included in the Multi-sport pack including the Big Ten Network, Fox Soccer channel, and FUEL TV.   Some of these are also available in higher-tier DISH packages, so you may already have them if you are a DISH subscriber.

A final consideration if you are a big sports fan is whether the Multi-sport package will give you the out of region content you want via the regional sports networks that are included.  The package includes 25 regional  networks like Fox Sports Net (FSN), Root Sports, Comcast Sportsnet, and NESN.  These channels though won’t help you out when it comes to live games if you live out of the regional sports market.  If you want to see your hometown team play live, you will have to get the premium sports package such as NHL Center Ice or NBA League Pass.

Finally, you might be wondering how much the DISH Network Multi-sport pack costs.  Right now, DISH charges $7 a month for the package, which beats DIRECTV by $6 on their sports package which is currently $12.99.   Some have gotten in the habit of adding the Multi-sports pack for the Red Zone channel alone, but be aware that you may be charged a $5 downgrade fee if and when you remove it after football season ends.

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    • Direct TV outbid Dish for the Sunday Ticket package. Just like ESPN gets Monday Night Football and NBC gets Sunday Football, and Fox and CBS get their packages, Direct TV pays hundreds of millions each year so they can offer the Sunday Ticket and Dish Network can’t.

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