Spanish Channels Offfered By Xfinity Cable TV

The competitive landscape continues to change across the country, and Spanish entertainment options continue to grow in many Sun belt states.  Markets like California, Texas, Colorado and Arizona have large Hispanic populations, and the Xfinity Spanish channel packages available in many of these areas area are designed to compete for this market segment.  How do Xfinity Spanish channels compare to satellite TV options like DIRECTV Mas and DishLATINO?  Are there any advantages by going with the Xfinity Latino option when compared to a satellite dish?  Lets take a closer look at what Comcast offers through their Xfinity brand.

The expansion of Spanish programming on Xfinity TV has been a few years in the making.  As part of the sale NBC/Universal to Comcast, the FCC required in March, 2010 that Xfinity add Spanish language programming to its video on demand platform as well as its online portal.  Subscribers can access Latino programming online here, and by logging in with their user name and password they can see a full slate of Spanish language content.   Programming comes from a wide variety of sources including Univision, HBO Latino, Starz, and Cine Mexicano.

On-demand programming in Spanish has been greatly expanded as well.  Xfinity now offers more than 700 video choices at any given time through their video-on-demand platform, which can be accessed through the customer’s remote control.  Content partners include TeleFutura, Galavision, and Telemundo.

In addition, the number of Spanish channels available through Xfinity has been increased.   Most markets with Xfinity TV now carry 50 Spanish channels, though this can vary a little depending on your home market.  But if you are looking for Spanish channels, you might be wondering how well Comcast compares to satellite TV.  Here is how the numbers currently shake out.

The DISHLatino package offered through DISH Network currently offers subscribers 55 Spanish channels, with a rock bottom pricing on their Spanish only package.   The DishLATINO Basico is just $19.99 a month with two year agreement, though there are not any English channels in the package.  Other packages mirror the America’s Top series offered by DISH Network and give customers a discount for one year before regular pricing kicks in.

DIRECTV Mas has a slightly different structure, giving the customer a different number of Spanish channels depending on the package they select.  The Mas Mexico is the low-end option, with 35 Spanish channels and 45 English channels for $26.99 a month.  But the higher priced DIRECTV Mas offerings give you the most content.  The Lo Maximo and Mas Ultra packages currently offer 60 Spanish channels, more than you will find with either Xfinity or DISH Network.

One advantage you might look at with Xfinity Spanish TV is that you can get service without a contract.  Both DISH Network and DIRECTV require a 24 month commitment from new customers, while Xfinity does not.  Keep in mind there are Xfinity deals out there that offer you a lower price or some sort of cash rebate if you do sign a contract, so this may be worth it for some people.  In addition, the Xfinity triple play can bundle high speed internet and voice service, something you can’t do with satellite TV unless you work with one of their telco partners like CenturyLink.

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