Xfinity Internet Speeds – What Options Are Available?

Xfinity cable and internet service continues to face stiff competition on all fronts.  In many areas, Xfinity competes against new fiber based services like U-verse and FiOS.  In addition, satellite television providers continue to compete against the Xfinity cable product.  Another popular product is Netflix streaming movie service, which requires a reliable high speed internet connection.   With many homes now having multiple computers, consumers are asking for the fastest Xfinity internet speed available.

In most areas, the basic internet speeds offered by Xfinity are the Economy and Performance Starter tiers.  While these will get you online and around the internet in an efficient manner, they will come up short if you are downloading lots of music and video content.  If you need a robust internet connection, Xfinity offers four products that will suit your needs.

The Xfinity Performance speed is currently rated at 15 Mbps downstream, and up to 3 Mbps upstream.  Subscribers can subscribe to this on a stand alone basis, or opt for one of several Xfinity Triple play packages.  Better deals can be found if you sign an agreement with Comcast, but you can go month to month and still get a reduced price for either six months or a year.

If you have multiple users or plan on downloading content through a service like Hulu or Netflix, then the Xfinity Blast package is a mid-tier option to consider.  With download speeds up to 20 Mbps, this product is currently priced at $69.95 a month on a stand alone basis, or can be combined with Xfinity digital cable as part of a bundled package.

The top two Xfinity internet speeds are the Extreme 50 and the Extreme 105 packages.  As the names indicate, you will get downloads up to 50 Mbps or 105 Mbps in select areas.  Both have upload speeds topping out at 10 Mbps currently.  These Xfinity high speed internet plans certainly answer the challenge put forth by FiOS internet in many areas served by Comcast.  With Verizon offering speeds up to 50 Mbps on their top internet product, Xfinity has answered back with their Extreme internet products.

You will certainly pay a high price though if you want this kind of high speed internet connection.  The Extreme 50 connection goes for $114.95 a month, and the Extreme 105 is priced at $199.95 monthly.  Telecommuters, hard-core gaming enthusiasts, and homes with multiple computers are the target market for this Xfinity internet product.


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