How Much Does DISH Network Cost?

If you are looking for an affordable satellite TV package, then you know that DISH Network and DIRECTV are the two options in the United States. Both offer packages including hundreds of channels, and deals for new customers.  But you might be concerned about the price after any advertised specials are finished.  In this article we will review both the promotional and regular prices for DISH Network satellite TVservice.

How much does DISH Network cost?

DISH Network advertisements mainly promote a package for $29.99 a month, which is the America’s Top 120 offer.  This package includes around 90 digital channels in video format, and an additional 30 commercial free movie channels.   The monthly DISH Network cost is dropped by $15 a month during the first 12 months of service, so in reality the package price is currently $44.99 per month.  This package does include your local channels in most areas, but it does not include regional sports network like Fox Sports.  If that is something you want then you will have to get the America’s Top 120 Plus package, which is $5 more per month.

Keep in mind though that this is a basic package without any add-ons.  While this price is rock-bottom, most people will have additional costs with their DISH Network service.  Here are a few other prices that come along with your satellite television service.

While DISH Network will give you a free DVR when you set up service, there is a monthly fee to make it work.  The current Dish DVR charge is $6 a month.  The DuoDVR series will give you access to a second feed, meaning you can have one HDTV hooked up in one room and a second standard definition TV connected somewhere else in the house.  This can save you a bit of money over DIRECTV and cable companies that charge for each box that is hooked up.

There will also be an additional cost each time you watch a pay per view movie with DISH Network .  Most titles range in price from $4.99 to $5.99 each, though adult pay per view titles are usually quite a bit more.  DISH Network also offers certain seasonal sports packages like the MLS Direct Kick.

Premium channels will also cost you an extra fee each month as a DISH Network subscriber.  While you can usually get three months free of HBO or Showtime as a new customer, you will be billed after that if you keep the premium service.  Currently, HBO is $16.00 a month, while Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax are $13.00 per month.  If you subscribe to multiple premium movie channels, you get a discount.  Those looking for an all inclusive package should consider the America’s Everything package, which offers all of the premium movie content plus a full basic cable lineup for around $105.00 per month.

Each situation is different, so you should fully evaluate what DISH Network costs based on your needs and desires.  Extra DISH Network receivers, DISH internationl programming, and pay per view options can significantly increase your monthly bill.  But compared to most cable companies, the prices offered by DISH Network on basic programming packages are among the lowest available today.


  1. we are thinking of getting dish network, but are kind of at a loss about the cost of it after the first year. we will probably want more than just the regular channels. we like HD movies, disney, westerns etc, could you maybe give us some kind of idea of the prices after the first year

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