Reviewing The Xfinity $19.99 a Month Offer

One of the new promotions offered in many markets comes from Xfinity TV, formerly Comcast.  The deal offers customers access to three different services for $19.99 a month each.  With this deal, you can get cable TV, high speed internet access, and the Xfinity Voice  service as well all for around $20 a month.  Here are a few additional details on the Xfinity $19.99 a month deal.

Xfinity is of course battling both satellite television companies, DISH Networkand DIRECTV.  Add to that new players like AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS, and you can see why low priced Xfinity deals are being offered.  The thinking of course is that once a customer signs up, they will stay with the provider even if the price goes up after the introductory period.  The current $19.99 deal lasts just six months before the price goes up to the regular rate.

For this price, you will get the lower levels of service from Xfinity, but that works out fine for many just looking for a basic cable and internet connection.  The Xfinity digital starter package is offered for this price, and includes around 80 channels total including your local stations.   You may need to shop over the phone with this offer, as the Xfinity website is promoting the same package for $29.99 a month for one year, while several radio and direct mail offers promote the $19.99 a month price point.

If you need an Xfinity high speed internet connection, the $19.99 deal is available here as well.  For this price, the Xfinity Performance internet speed is available, which will net you speeds up to 15 Mbps with Powerboost, while the normal speed is 6 Mbps.  Comprehensive security protection is also included with this deal, though you have to either rent or puchase a modem for service, which will add an extra $5 a month to your Xfinity bill if you rent.

Finally, the Xfinity Voice option many not be the most popular service, but at $19.99 a month it is a good value for the money.   Formerly known as Comcast digital voice, you will enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling with this service, along with several calling features.  Some of the options include three-way calling, caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, and anonymous call block along with your local phone number.

The Xfinity $19.99 a month deal allows you to pick from the services, so you do not have to subscribe to all three to get the lower price.  Some though take advantage by ordering all three up front and seeing how much they use each service before the regular pricing kicks in.  Be sure to get accurate quotes for your area on what the regular Xfinity prices will be once the six month promotion ends.


  1. I just wanted to know what does the $19.99 price go up to after the 12 months is finished for high speed internet service? Also if you don’t want to rent a modem what would the cost be for one? Right now I have Att and I am paying $38.00 a month That include the cost of the $8.00 equipment. I have 6 mbps. Thank you for your time. Mary Tymczy

  2. Saw this promotion on line “One of the new promotions offered in many markets comes from Xfinity TV, formerly Comcast. The deal offers customers access to three different services for $19.99 a month each. With this deal, you can get cable TV, high speed internet access, and the Xfinity Voice service as well all for around $20 a month.”

  3. they forget to tell you theres a 5 dollar sports fee a 3 dollar public channel fee and 19.99 for the box which you need, an if you want hd its another 9.99 plus your 19.99 oh an if you want a modem tack on another 9.99. so hows your 19.99 a month plan look now?

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