What is Included With the DIRECTV $29.99 Package?

If you have cable TV, you may have considered going with DISH Network or DIRECTV at some point.   The DIRECTV $29.99 package is advertised all of the time, both on television and in print media.  But is the DIRECTV $29.99 deal really just $30 a month?  What additional fees should yoube aware of when looking at the cheap DIRECTV package?

The first thing to know right away is that the $29.99 price for DIRECTV is for the Choice package.  This particular bundle includes 150 video and audio networks, with your local stations also included where available.  Most of the popular cable networks like ESPN, TNT, TBS and Fox News are all included.  Also included in the price is one DIRECTV receiver.   But what additional fees will you pay on top of the $29.99 monthly price?

The first thing to look at is whether you want high definition channels.  Right now, DIRECTV offers free HD with certain packages starting with the Choice Xtra offer.  The monthly HD fee is $10 if you go with the $29.99 Choice package, while the Choice Xtra is $34.99 for the first year.  For many who want DIRECTV HD, it actually saves you $5 by going with the higher priced package, though you do have to be on Auto Bill pay to get the free HD channel deal.

The other fee that many are willing to pay is for the DIRECTV DVR.  Right now you pay $7 a month for the regular digital video recorder that works on one TV, or $10 a month for the Whole home DVR.  Becasue the DVR can be such a time saver overall, most are willing to pay the extra fee each month to enjoy the added control that you receive over your television.

Another thing to remember with the $29.99 a month DIRECTV dealis that this is a reduced price to entice new customers.  The regular price on the Choice package is currently $60.99, so you are getting a $31 a month discount during the first year of service.  DIRECTV requires a two year contract when you set up service as a new customer, so remember that you will have to pay normal DIRECTV prices for at least one year after the promotional rate expires.

Another charge each month that many don’t think about when considering the advertised rate is the charge for extra receivers.  If you want any additional television sets hooked up then you will pay $7 per DIRECTV receiver, so this can add quite a bit to the basic rate.  So if you are considering DIRECTV, you can easily add another $15 a month on top of the advertised price of $29.99.  Whether you have additional receivers, the DVR, or want HD channels there are several additional charges that will probably add 50% to that $29.99 DIRECTV packageprice.


  1. I am disappointed. When I had Time Warner my costs for all channels + internet was $162.40 per month. When I switched to Direct TV. I kept the Internet service with Time Warner. Now not only is DIRECT TV more expensive at $143.00 each month, but now I still pay an additional $61 for Internt!!!

    Tell me Direct TV, where are you better “cost-wise”???

  2. I am SO disappointed in Directv. My brothers and sisters got this for my parents (as a gift) and paid for the first two years. Now that the two years are up they won’t make a deal with her. They have all kinds of deals for new customers, but don’t take care of the customers that they already have. Very disappointed in the way they do business.

  3. I had direct 2 years ago.I found out they had been charging me 30. Dollars extra for sports channels.for 3 months..I do not watch sports.they never ask if I wanted it. I ask to be reimbursed and they would not.they sneak things in hoping you never notice it. I hate direct t.v it is a rip off.

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