Reviewing the AT&T U-450 Package

The AT&T U-verse product continues to make inroads in the areas where it is available.  One of the popular packages being offered is the Uverse U-450 bundle, which is the all inclusive option offered by AT&T.  In this article, we will review the cost of the U-450 package, and consider why it is one of the popular choices with customers who go with U-verse TV.

The package is similar to the all inclusive bundles that have been offered for years by DISH Networkand DIRECTV.  With the America’s Everything package from Dish, you get around 315 channels for $104.95 a month.  With the DIRECTV Premier package you will get 285 channels for $114.95 a month.  But with the U450, your channel count goes up to 370 for $117 each month.  So the U450 package does cost more than the satellite television alternative, but is it worth the slightly higher price?

After browsing through channel lineups from all three providers, its difficult to determine where AT&T is coming up with an extra 55 channels compared to Dish Network, and an extra 85 compared with DIRECTV.   They do have their HD channels listed separately on the Uverse channel guide, which certainly could account for the difference.  Please note that with all three providers the commercial free music channels are counted so the total channel count reflects both video and audio channels.   Overall, you won’t notice much of a difference in the channel lineups when looking at all three providers, so if price is most important, then go with Dish Network.  Otherwise, read on for why the AT&T U450 may be better for you.

With an AT&T Uverse package you will be able to order a combination of services for your residence.  For example, DIRECTV can offer you the Premier package, but if you want high speed internet or your home phone line in addition, you will have to go with one of their partners like CenturyLink or Verizon. With the U450 bundle you can add on your choice of U-verse internet or home phone, and in the process get a break on pricing each month.  Creating your own Uverse Triple play package can save you some money versus paying separate providers for your communication services each month.  Some now can even bundle their AT&T wireless phones along with all of their home services.

Several U-verse promotions are also being pushed to the consumer to entice them to try the service.  Most involve the AT&T promotion card, which is basically a prepaid Visa debit card that you get back in the mail and can use anywhere that credit cards are accepted.   The main thing to keep in mind here is that most deals require that you order service online, so be sure to call and ask any questions if you need to but place the actual order online to get all of the AT&T special offers.

The AT&T U-450 package includes just about everything you can think of.  Multiple movie channels are included from HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Encore and Showtime.  Regional sports networks from around the country are also included.  While these are nice to have, you will only see live sporting events from your local regional sports network.  If you want to add on sports packages, you will be fairly limited by Uverse.  They do offer the Fox Soccer Plus option, and a couple of the ESPN college sports packages, but none of the professional league packages are available with Uverse.

High definition (HD) channels are part of the U450 package, but Spanish Uverse channels are not.  You will pay an extra $15 a month for the Latino package, and an extra $7 a month for each extra receiver that you want.

Not sure if the U450 package is right for you?  If you are already a U-verse TV customer, you might get a glimpse of the full package from time to time.  U450 free trials are offered a few times a year with the idea of signing up more customers for this premium package.  Usually this is advertised through the AT&T Uverse on screen channel guide to keep an eye out there for your chance to review the U-450 package.




  1. Hey Nate..ya work for Direct or Dish…?Tell the people THAT.HD for life REQUIRES YOU to let THEM take THEIR MONEY out of YOUR that..means that YOU have NO SAY SO..THEY take it out…NO MATTER WHAT! NO ONE except my MORTGAGE company takes money from MY account and NOW..ATT offers the U450 for $41.99..DISH or Direct CAN,T beat that! Ya have to tell the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the YRUTH Nate! In reality..they ALL suck because it,s mostly RERUNS of MOVIES of yeateryear…..of ALL the PAY time..they ALL show the same moie so SMART Peopleat LEAST can pick only ONE pay channel..the rest are useless. NOW..check THIS out..if ya have 2 HD TV,s…one box they GIVE you is HD..the OTHER…SD…so WHY have 2 HD Tv,s…they aim to RIP ya off one way or the other….BEST THING…RENT MOVIES and put up an OTH HD Antenna! One more thing…at 550 lines of Resolution..years ago..WE NEVER paid for that..BUT NOW..since 1080 is the REAL resolution over theAIR..SOMEONE GAVE THEM the RIGHT to charge 10.00 EXTRA for a NATIONWIDE RESOLUTION…thats PURE BS…it should be FREE!

  2. Intersting comment Tomslick. I have ATT u450 and it is $117/mo. It was under a promotion plan that is not availble to current subscribers and it was for $69/mo. That has now ended and hello $117/mo. How long is $41.99 available now? It is a great price if real. Uverse has had many many equipment and installation problems. I have had the 5-6 times for multiple problems. Keep in mind if you lose you signal from att you lose everyting. TV Phones, Internet. You have to watch that when bundling services.

  3. I just read that the NHL channel is not part of the upgrade I ordered to u450
    I specifically asked for the NHL channel on the phone when I upgraded
    Your rep didn t tell me I wouldn t get it
    I want to cancel the upgrade and go back to u300
    Please make this happen
    I have no interest in the upgrade without the NHL channel.
    It is really not right hat you didn t advise mr when I called that this channel isn t included
    Worse you sent a flyer today that explicitly showed that u450 included the NHL channel
    Just today
    Please cancel the upgrade or I ll cancel all services
    B kennedy

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