DIRECTV Adds TruTV HD Channel

DIRECTV is adding TruTV HD, just in time for March Madness.  The announcement came from DIRECTV on their Twitter page, and will certainly satisfy basketball fans who now demand their sports to be broadcast in high definition.

The deal with Turner Sports was announced on March 10th,  the parent company of Tru TV also has DIRECTV adding the channel in HD full time in 2011.  While no specific date was noted for when Tru TV would be added full time to DIRECTV’s channel lineup, a temporary HD feed will insure that DIRECTV competes on an even playing field with competitors like Xfinity TV, Time Warner cable, and Dish Network.  The three top competitors with DIRECTV all have HD agreements with Turner to carry Tru TV in HD.

DIRECTV also confirmed on its Twitter account that an NCAA Mix channel will be available to customers during March Madness.  Available on Channel 205 or channel 702, DIRECTV’s Mix channel gives subscribers multiple views of all games going on at any given time.  Customers can then use their remote control to listen to the audio on any game, or hit the select button to watch any game full screen.  The NCAA Mix channel will be especially useful during the first weekend of action, when multiple games will be going on at the same time.  Fans who want to isolate just the March Madness games should use channel 702, which will have a combination of CBS/TNT/TBS/Tru TV games.

Now if you are a Dish Network customer, you will be able to follow all of the action as well.  Tru TV HD is on Dish Network channel 9430, while the standard definition version is on Dish channel 204.   Dish Network also carries TNT and TBS in HD, as well as CBS in most areas of the country.  If you are an Xfinity or Time Warner cable customer, consult your local channel guide for the HD channel in your area.

DIRECTV has set up a new channel for the Tru TV HD feed, which is 246-1.   The standard definition channel for TruTV remains 246.   DIRECTV customers can find the HD versions of TNT and TBS on channels 245 and 247 respectively.

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