What is The Cheapest DIRECTV Package?

One thing people are looking for today is value from their cable or satellite TV provider.  With prices rising from all providers, and consumers continuing to struggle to make ends meet, it is easy to see why a cheap DIRECTV package might be an attractive option.  While both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer cheap programming packages, it is smart to compare what channels are offered from each company so you can get an idea of what will be on TV.   In this article, we will review the two cheapest DIRECTV pacakges, and compare them to the competition.

If you are looking for rock bottom pricing on a DIRECTV bundle, then the main package to consider is the Family package.  You won’t see much advertising done by DIRECTV on this package, as it is only $29.99 a month, meaning they aren’t making a lot of money off of you as a customer.   That being said, making some money is better than no money, so this is obviously the cheapest DIRECTV package being offered right now.   Included with the Family package are 50 all digital channels, plus you local channel programming.   Three Disney channels are included with Disney XD being one of them, along with the Hallmark channel, HGTV, and the Food Network.

Because this package is priced so low, there are not any discounts on it during the first year, as there are with the Choice package and higher.  You also won’t be able to take advantage of the DIRECTV Free HD for life promotion, as it is not offered here.   If you do want high definition channel access, it will cost you $10 a month, and adding in DVR service will cost you an extra $7 a month.

Now if you can spend a few more bucks, then another cheap option with DIRECTV satellite  would be the Choice bundle.  With this package, you can get a promotional rate of $29.99 a month for the first year, which is a $31 discount over the normal monthly price of $60.99 a year.  With the Choice package you also get a $16 drop in price during the second year, so overall you will realize around $500 in savings over the normal package price.  When you go with DIRECTV, you are committed for two years, so after your discounts run out you can decide if you want to stay with satellite TV or move on to another provider.

Now if you are comparing the cheapest DIRECTV packages against what DISH Network offers, the two bundles to evaluate are the Dish America package and the America’s Top 120.  The Dish America package is a new offer which compares closely with the DIRECTV Family package, while the America’s Top 120 is similar in structure to the Choice offer discussed earlier.


  1. I don’t care who the provider is we as the customer are being overcharged we keep spending & spending & all we are getting as the customer is the samething we watched yesterday it’s repeat TV & the price keeps going up & the quality of the programming goes down… Is that value I think not.

  2. I would like to drop down to a cheaper package and when you go on line to make the change what they show you is your current package and above there is no option to go down only up. Is there anyway to see the lower priced options? Also I’d like to see what my actual charges will be not the first year discounted package. I just want to get my price for a package that I can count on to be the same 3 years from now. I hate that for one year it’s one price and the next year it doubles. I’m shopping for a cottage it’s not my primary residence. I’m there 40 times a year. There are packages called Family or Choice that supposedly start at $30 a month. However I have $60 first year package and can’t find those packages to go down to. These guys are crooks

  3. I have Direct tv and I agree , price is way to high and always going higher,
    DTV says look at all these channels we offer!!!!!! but I don’t need 10 religious channel’s 10 political, home shopping, reality crap, the list goes on and on, I would to pick the channel’s I want to watch and be charged
    for each one as my package.

  4. I agree that we should be able to chose what channels we want as opposed to having no choice but to select what they have put together. We pay for channels we NEVER watch, but get charged for them every month. What happened to freedom of choice? We are at their mercy. This is so not the American way.


  5. Repeat TV IS the right name. We should have the choice of channels but HOW can we do this unless all of us tell Directv to come and get that doofus device off our houses.

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