Basics On Blue Ridge Cable TV

Blue Ridge cable serves more than 100,000 customers in the Pennsylvania area.  How does Blue Ridge compare to their primary competitors- DISH Network and DIRECTV?  What can the cable provider offer that isn’t available through satellite?  Lets take a closer look at Blue Ridge cable and what they have to offer.

With a Blue Ridge package, you will be able to bundle your video service along with your high speed internet and your home phone line.   For example, current Blue Ridge triple play bundles start at $99.95 a month for one year.  With their budget bundle, you get basic cable TV along with G5 high speed internet service and your home phone line.  The Blue Ridge home phone service includes both unlimited local and long distance calling, along with several calling features like Caller ID, call waiting and voice mail service.  While these bundle packages can be a good deal initially, they often jump up in price after one year so its a good idea to get an exact price quote so you know what you will be paying after 12 months of service.

Now lets take a closer look at the cable channels available in comparison to satellite TV.   With Blue Ridge digital cable service, you can get as many as 300 cable TV channels.  Of course this is the all inclusive option which can get pretty expensive when you add in the premium content from HBO and Cinemax.  This also counts the 46 Music channels available, which offer commercial free content by decade or genre.  If you are looking for Spanish channels, then the Blue Ridge en Espanol option will bring you 14 extra channels for just $3.95 a month.   If Spanish language channel content is a high priority, then you might want to look at either Dish Latino or DIRECTV Mas, as both of these options offer more than 50 Spanish channels through satellite.

Another high priority for many is high definition channels.   Blue Ridge Communications offers you up to 75 HD channels depending on the package you select.   HD Basic is included with your digital cable package, but if you want all of the high definition channels you will have to subscribe to the HD plus package.  With HD+, you pay an additional $12.95 per month and get access to some of the better channels like Smithsonian HD, MGM HD, National Geographic HD, and HDNet Movies.  Both DIRECTV and Dish Network charge extra for some of their premium HD content with the Dish Platinum package and the DIRECTV HD Extra Tier package.

One final addition that you should strongly consider with Blue Ridge cable is their digital video recorder, or DVR.  The Blue Ridge DVR allows you to record and playback all of your favorite shows on your own schedule.  The DVR normally costs $8.95 a month, but new customers can take advantage of a special offer which give you a $3 monthly discount, making it just $5.95 a month.  The downside with Blue Ridge is the storage capacity, as you can only save around 40 hours of content, much less than both the DIRECTV DVRand the DishDVR.

The nice thing about dealing with a smaller company like Blue Ridge communications is that you can get local and personalized service.  Several local payment and customers service centers are available, with cable offices in the following cities:
York Haven
Pocono Summit
Stroudsburg Cable Office

Visiting the Blue Ridge website will give you more information on the locations and hours of these cable TV customer service locations, as well as contact information if you have an issue that needs attention.

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