What Is Included In the New DISH America Package?

DISH Network is kicking off 2011 with a new promotional campaign, with their low cost programming being featured as the primary selling point.  That can mean savings for many looking to escape high cable prices, or those who currently have DIRECTV and want to take advantage of a DISH Network deal.  One new package has also been introduced for 2011, the DISH America package which is now available to new subscribers.

With this new option you will find an alternative to the DIRECTV Family package, which has been the best option for those who want just a few cable channels but don’t want to pay a lot each month.  The DISH America package though offers more channels for a lower initial price.  New customers can get started for just $24.99 a month, which is discounted by $10 a month for the first year.  The DIRECTV family bundle is offered for $29.99 a month with no discount.  Dish America brings you sixty channels, while the alternative from DIRECTV offers around 50 total.

The DISH America TV package also offers better content.  Leading cable TV channels like TNT, TBS, ESPN, and USA are all included in this bundle, none of which are found in the DIRECTV Family package.  Kids will enjoy channels like Cartoon Network and Kids and Teens TV.  Unfortunately the Disney Channel though is not found in this new package.

Other popular channels in this new DISH Network package include HGTV, ESPN2, Food Network, History Channel, TLC and CNN.  Free installation and Free HD for life are also included provided you meet the terms and conditions set forth by DISH Network.

The new Dish America package is part of the satellite providers new advertising campaign which will focus on their message of Five Packages Under $50.  While DISH Network prices did just go up, they still are very competitive with DIRECTV and almost always lower than your local cable television provider.  As mentioned, new Dish America customers will get a $10 discount on programming for one year, while other packages will be discounted as well.

The America’s Top 120 and the America’s Top 120 Plus packages will be discounted by $15 a month for one year.  This brings the price down to either $29.99 a month or $34.99 a month depending on your selection.  The only difference in these packages is the addition of regional sports networks to the “Plus” bundle.

The America’s Top 200 bundle will be discounted by $20 for new customers in 2011, dropping the price from $59.99 a month to $39.99 per month.  The America’s Top 250 is also discounted by $20 per month, bringing the price down from $69.99 a month to $49.99 a month.  All of these prices will be locked in until 2013 as Dish announced that they will not raise prices on most packages until that time when they announced the 2011 price increase.

New DISH America customers can also enjoy a few extras, with the Dish Platinum package and Showtime being offered free for three months.  Customers who select one of the other DISH Network packages can also get this deal, though you do need to call and remove the extra programming after three months or you will be billed the regular price.

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  1. With 3 different levels of DISH America, this is by far my favorite packages. I have been installed with this package through my employer, DISH Network, and couldn?t be happier. I’ve come to realize that Direct TV doesn?t even offer free HD on their lowest package. With over 200 HD channels I know I?ve made the right choice with DISH Network.

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