Is a U-verse TV Package Right For You?

U-verse TV packages have been out in certain areas for more than five years, and millions now subscribe to the cable service offered by AT&T.  But with news that U-verse prices will once again be going up, you might wonder if a Uverse television package is better than cable.  In this article, we will review what is included with the Uverse packages currently offered, and how their prices compare with satellite TV.

When AT&T began rolling out Uverse TV bundles to the public, ths pricing was set low as an incentive to get customers to switch away from cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner.  In addition, AT&T could compete on a level playing field with these cable operators by offering the U-verse triple play which would offer all of the services that you could get from cable.  But AT&T has come under fire over the last 12 months by raising prices significantly in 2010 and again in 2011, so the price difference between Uverse and cable television has narrowed significantly.

U-verse TV plans can be ordered as a stand alone product, but you generally get a better deal if you bundle multiple services together.   U-verse TV has also taken to advertising their promotional prices on their website, something satellite TV companies have done for years in showing you what the price is during the first year, with the regular price buried in the fine print.  U-verse pricing though is only good for six months before the regular rate kicks in.

The U-verse Family and U100 packages are offered for a low price of $29 a month for the first six months of service currently.  This reflects a $25 discount on the package for half a year, or $150 in savings total.  The U-verse family option has around 80 channels total, and as the name implies these are mainly family friendly networks.  With the U100 you will get around 150 channels total when you count all of the music stations as part of the total.  These packages are the same price, but as of February, 1st 2011 the U100 will be $5 more.

The next Uverse TV package is the U-200 bundle which offers AT&T customers around 260 audio and video networks total.  This bundle also has a Spanish language option, which can be added for an extra $10 a month.  The price of this package will go to $69 a month in Feburary, with the Uverse Latino package going to $79 a month.  If you are comparing with satellite TV, this package lines up fairly well with the DIRECTV Choice Ultimate package or the Dish Network America’s Top 250 bundle.

There are two high end U-verse TV packages available, those being the U300 and U-450.   With these bundles, you will get just about every basic cable network and several premium movie options in addition.  The U300 will be priced at $84 a month for 2011, with a promotional price of $59 a month for new customers for six months.  About 340 channels in all are included, with several Showtime and Starz movie networks.  The only thing missing here is HBO.

If you want it all, the U450 TV package offers everything, around 410 channels altogether.  Here you will get your local networks, all of the regional sports networks, and multiple feeds of HBO, Starz, and Showtime.  This is also the only package that includes both HD and DVR service.  If you get any of the other TV packages then you will pay an extra $10 a month for HD channel access, something that you can usually get for free with most satellite TV packages if you agree to automatic payment.  You can get the U450 TV package for $92 a month with promotional pricing, and then the regular price in 2011 is going to be $117 a month.

With the current U-verse price structure, you will pretty much pay the same as with satellite TV service.  The advantage with AT&T is that you can get a U-verse triple play package which can offer you a bundled discount while satellite television companies do not offer high speed internet and phone service at this time.

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