How to Save Money on Your DISH Network Bill

Many people look for ways to rework their budget once the new year rolls around.  With 2011 just a few days away, you might be thinking about ways to tighten up your budget and control costs.  While things like your electricity and water bill might be difficult to control, your satellite TV bill is one monthly expense that can be controlled by evaluating what you pay and what the company can offer you.  Lets take a look at a few ways the save money on your DISH Network bill.

First off, evaluate how many DISH Network DVR devices and Dish receivers that you have, and whether you use them enough to justify paying for them each month.  If you have TV sets hooked up and you never use them, you can save $5 a month by disconnecting them and sending the units back to Dish Network.  One thing to check into though is whether you have DuoDVR receivers, as they connect two TVs through one DVR.

Next, its time to review your package.  There are four different DISH packages, so of course there is a wide range in pricing and programming.  The America’s Top 120 package is around $40 a month, while the America’s Everything pack is about $100 a month.  If you are paying for a Dish bundle that you do not really use, downgrading to a lower priced package can save you a significant amount on your bill.   The same holds true for premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime.  These premium packages run anywhere from $10 to $12 a month depending on how many you have, so if you only watch a movie or two a month you might be better off renting from Redbox or Blockbuster and realizing a cost savings on your DISH Networkbill.  Changing your package and/or the number of receivers can be done online or through a quick call to Dish Network.

The next steps involve a little comparison shopping, and then making a call to the DISH Network customer service number.  Review what the competition has to offer, whether it be cable providers in your area, or new telco cable offers like Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse.  Also educate yourself on what kind of DISH Network deals are currently being offered to new customers.  Once you have educated yourself a bit its time to call DISH Network and see what they have to offer.  Your goal here isn’t to switch providers, rather to simply ask for discounts or additional free content for being a loyal DISH Network customer.

Now its time to give DISH Network a call.  Here you have a choice, you can either select regular customer service, or try to go to the retention department.   If you choose the automated option to disconnect service, you will generally be sent to a retention representative.  Here you will kindly explain that you are thinking about disconnecting service because it costs too much.  Maybe mention a deal or two from the competition, or reference what is being offered for new DISH Network customers.

Your next step is to simply be quiet and wait to see what they have to offer.  Generally, the longer you have been a customer the more they can or will offer you to make you happy.  Of course, this doesn’t really work if you are in your first 24 months of being a Dish customer, as they already have you under contract for two years.   The representative will usually come back with either an offer of free programming (such as a few months of Starz, HBO, Showtime, etc.) or some sort of bill credit which will be applied monthly.  Its up to you on how to proceed once the offer is made.

One negotiating tool that you might have at your disposal is automatic payment.  Yes I understand – most customers dislike autopay because it removes all flexibility as to when you pay your bill.  But satellite TV companies like DISH Network love it because it saves them money in collecting and processing payment, and it also promotes customer loyalty.  DISH Network has even tied their new free HD for life promotion to autopay, giving customers a $10 savings off of high definition programming.

So are you ready to save some money in 2011?  Taking a few hours and making a phone call can easily save you some money on your DISH Network bill.

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