Suddenlink Packages – How Do They Compare?

Bundling your communication services can make your life easier as you only have to pay one bill, and if you have issues you only have one company to deal with.  Suddenlink, a cable television company serving more than 1 million households in America today offers packages of voice, cable, and high speed internet.  Is a Suddenlink package the right choice?  How does a Suddenlink bundled package compare to offers from Dish Network and DIRECTV?  Lets review the options for those looking for a deal like this.

Suddenlink packages are available in many parts of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.  They also serve customers in other areas, but these are the primary areas served by this mid sized cable operator.   Suddenlink not only provides the typical home communication services already mentioned, but they also have a large Home Security division which can protect your home and family.  You can bundle a Suddenlink Home Security package along with any or all of the other services they offer.

The first piece that most are interested in is of course video service, so lets take a look at the Suddenlink digital cable channel lineup.   Things are fairly simple, as they offer one main cable TV package which includes around 200 audio and video channels.   All of the popular networks like CNN, TNT, TBS, and your local cable channels are included. Suddenlink also now carries the NFL Network, which isn’t available on some of the other big cable providers like Time Warner, but they do not carry the NFL Sunday Ticket which remains an exclusive of DIRECTV through the 2014 season.  Premiums like HBO and Showtime can be added for an additional monthly cost, and HD channels are included at no additional charge as long as you have Suddenlink digital cable.

Suddenlink internet service is the next piece that most subscribers are interested in having, and there are two options that can be included in your package.  A basic level can be added which offers download speeds of 1.5 Mpbs, and is $75.00 a month with your cable TV.  The main option however gives you much more speed, with Suddenlink 10 Mbps packaged with cable television service for $85.00 a month.  Both of these deals are good for one year, then you will pay regular Suddenlink prices.

The final option that can be added to your Suddenlink package is the digital phone setup.   Regular phone service through Suddenlink runs $35.00 a month and includes both local and long distance calling, voice mail, and other popular calling features like caller ID and call waiting.  You can port your existing phone number over as well if you have service through AT&T or Verizon.  A better deal though is to bundle phone service along with internet and cable.   The Suddenlink triple play package gives you all three services for $105.00 a month for one year.   Regular pricing isn’t readily available though on their site, so it is a good idea to call Suddenlink customer service directly at 1-877-694-9474 to get an idea on what pricing will be once any deal or promotions have ended.

Comparing Suddenlink packages against what satellite TV providers have to offer can take a little time.  Both DISH and DIRECTV are in the video business exclusively, although you can get a triple play package combining DIRECTV satellite along with offers from local phone companies like CenturyLink and Verizon.  These deals though offer voice and high speed DSL service through the phone company, so technically you will have two different service providers.  For an in depth comparison, please check the article comparing Suddenlink vs DIRECTV to get an idea on differences between the two providers.

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