CenturyLink Prism TV Pricing and Bundles

CenturyLink is the fourth largest telco provider in the United States today, but they will soon jump up a spot to third as they are in the process of taking over Qwest Communications based out of Denver.  CenturyLink Prism TV is a new product that the company is currently offering in just five different markets.  Similar to AT&T U-verse, Prism TV offers you cable television service without the need for a satellite dish.  In this article, we will review what CenturyLink offers with their cable television product.

Prism TV uses IPTV technology, which is the same as U-verse.  This means a combination of fiber optic lines and traditional copper telephone lines are used in combination to deliver the product to the customer.  Generally, upgrades are made at a centralized location in each neighborhood where Prism TV is available, and then the copper line then takes the signal the rest of the way to the customer.   From there, customers can enjoy cable TV, high speed internet, and voice service all through the same line that normally brings you phone service.

As mentioned, Prism TV from Century Link is only available in five markets right now.  They are Las Vegas, NV, Jefferson City and Columbia MO, La Crosse WI, and Fort Myers, FL.  With both AT&T and Verizon spending billions to offer triple play packages including cable TV, it will be interesting to see how CenturyLink approaches the residential market once their takeover of Qwest is completed.  The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2010, and will give CenturyLink access to many larger markets like Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and Minneapolis/St Paul.  It would cost billions to upgrade into these markets, otherwise CenturyLink will have to depend on their DIRECTV  partnership to offer customers video services.

So if you are in an area that offers the Prism TV product, what can you expect to pay for service?  Since Las Vegas is the largest market whery CenturyLink Prism is available, lets review a few of the packages and deals available there.  The basic Prism TV digital package is offered at $32.99 a month for six month, and includes around 120 channels.  This is $20 off per month compared to the regular price before taxes and fees.

Better Prism TV deals are found if you are willing to bundle the digital cable service along with CenturyLink internet service.  The entry level triple play offers you the regular TV package along with 3.0 Mbps high speed internet and unlimited calling for $87.95 a month.  If you are interested in more CenturyLink TV channels then you can upgrade to the “Complete Package” which includes anothe 50 channels for $100.95 per month.   The all inclusive offer is the Prism Premium triple play which offers more than 200 channels with 30 premiums like HBO and Cinemax.  It also includes much faster internet access with the Prism 10.0 Mbps package all for $151.95 a month.

Another factor to consider is the DVR, which most people love once they get a handle on how it works.  Century Link offer a whole home DVR solution similar to those offered by DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse.  The Prism TV DVR will run you $11.99 a month, with the first three months free with current promotions.  If you go with either of the high end packages, the DVR service fee is included, so there is another factor to consider if you want the higher end Prism TV bundle.

Finally, high definition channels are also part of the packages offered by CenturyLink.  Unfortunately, there is a service charge on all packages of $11.99 for HD channel content.  This is a negative compared to most other cable companies as they generally include HD channels as long as you go with a digital cable package.  Satellite TVproviders Dish Network and DIRECTV are now waiving their $10 monthly HD charge if you meet certain conditions, so it is a good idea to closely compare Prism vs satellite TV before making a long term commitment.

If Prism TV is not yet available to you but you are in a CenturyLink area, your current alternative for bundling is DIRECTV.  The company recently announced they would partner with DIRECTV as they continue the merger process with Qwest communications.


  1. Thank you for the info and detail out the service plan.I suppose people won’t be jumping changing from cox to prizm the price no different than that of cox.

  2. This sounds more like an advertisement than a review. As soon as Prism added a few channels they announced to subscribers they were raising their rates. They offer no where near as many HD channels as DirectTv or Dish network and their picture quality does not compare either. I bit on Prism as they offered me a good price. Now three months later I count the days until my commitment is over so I can go back to DirectTv. Do not be fooled! This is just more trickery by the phone company to keep from being left behind by technology!

  3. sir/ mad i am a cenutury link prism tv and internet serrvice, i have been a customer with century link since dece 2009. i have phone service and internet with century link, when i cama back to fla in dece 2010 i had service put on again, about a month ago or so i got phonr calls from a repersetive from cenutry link prism tv reersenitive, asking me if i want to start tv servive with cnury to be included into a package i told the person that called me and told him that i had comcast tv and was satifyied with comcast, i did not need prism tv. he told me to try it out for 3 months to see if i would like it, and that i could cacell the service after 3 months , i told hi what i was getting from comcast and how much the cost was and he said he could match that price with extras for movies channeles included and that icould have that service for 3 months to decide if i wanted to keep the service with cenury link prism tv service, i got my first month bill from prism tv, and the amount of this bill is not the price i was told i would pay, i was told i would pay $64.99 a month for the service, the bill i received is $196.78 . i called century link prism tv up and told the there is a mistake, and the party i spoke to told me that if i want tv service thart was theamount that said is due,the person at prism tv was very rude the way she spok me me telling me i was wrong, i told her to contact the person that called me and ask me to try prism tv out, please be advised that i will not pay the amount on this statment, and all i woul pay for was the agreed amount qwith your repersentive, if this is not so , i will cancell my service with centuru lnk altogether. thank you joseph carullo account #*****972.

  4. I am extremely disappointed in Century Link Prism TV. It doesn’t do half the stuff Direct TV does. I thought it was going to save me $100/mo by bundling and after 3 months, I’m down to saving only $30/mo. Not worth it. The Caller ID on the screen only works intermittently and doesnt’ save more than 6 calls at a time. Direct TV worked all the time and saved many more calls. This feature sucks. AND, they haven’t gotten a bill right yet. I’ve had to call every month to straighten it out. They were courteous and helpful, but what a pain in the next that is to start with. I’m going back to DirectTV and getting the features I pay for.

  5. I’ve been with centurylink Since they took over Embarq here in central FL, before that they were a division of Sprint.

    All three firms were/are arrogant, disorganized and untruthful.

    However Centurylink is the worst…When complaining the home office in Monroe LA., I discovered that none of their employees knew or could locate the address or the phone number, (this is a phone company we are speaking about….).

    the letter I received back from them was riddled with factual errors and they can’t even put a phone number on the letterhead or include it in the text of the letter.

    I still haven’t located anyone who works for the company other than in the home office who knows the name of the CEO. That was the same when it was Embarq and when it was Sprint….

    Run don’t walk to get way from this dreadful firm.

    BTW the CEO’s name is Glen Post, 100 Centurylink Drive, Monroe LA 71203.
    THEIR PHONE NUMBER IS 318 388 9000.

    Be advised that they do not hand out extension numbers, as if they’re the CIA! LOL!

    However he is more concerned with his golf game then running the the fourth largest telco provider in the United States.

    They installed my three phone lines improperly an none of the worked…they argued with me on the phone for 3 hours claiming it worked from the outside interface…however when they finally got here they discovered I was correct…that was the beginning of the nightmare!

  6. I was with Prism for a few days and then couldn’t stand it anymore! It has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out…misquoting of price by telemarketer{costs a lot more than quoted), no manual, poor reception, complicated, not full screen on non HD channels, lots of need for technical support and consequent waiting on phone…going back to Direct TV!!!

  7. Looks like Centurylink has a long way to go in order to get the bugs out, If they can!! Makes me not want to even try Prism. I also was quoted one price for bundled services. Then Got the bill. Not the same amount and fastest internet speed was not avalible in my area. My contract is up tommorow. I am happy with Dish TV , no big differance between it and Direct TV. I have had both now. May go back to cox cable for internet and do away with Centurylink home phone.

  8. Changed over to Prism 3 weeks ago. Reception freezes intermittently. FNC will go out for no reason and not come back on for quite a while. Cannot watch HDTV on separate tvs unless you are watching the same program. Changing back to Directv w/n 30 day trial period. Was told if I didn’t like Prism TV, they would reconnect my Directv like it was. All day long we’ve been trying to get this resolved and have not received any cooperation from management. They have disconnected our TV and DSL and left us high and dry over a three-day holiday weekend.

  9. Prism tv….A great theory, and a great FAILURE!
    I have been a customer for three months now, and I haven’t had three full days of uninterrupted service yet!
    I want to love it because when it works, it works well….but it flickers off a hundred times a day.
    As I understand it if you live in an area that is less than ten years old your’e fine. That means your lines were installed within ten years, if they aren’t new then forget this service, you’ll be as poorly served as I am.
    Customer service will gladly send out repair crews, and you’ll miss many days of work waiting for them to happily come out and fiddle with things…you might even be happy…but the next day it goes out again…I have missed a lot of work and still they expect me to pay a premium price for this service.
    Stick to cable!

  10. I signed up for Prism. Picture was great! The signal feed CRASHED after 6 days, because it is a telephone company first (with union repair men) it took 32 hours to get a repair guy to my house…. that sucks when you want to watch TV. It was repaired and 10 days later it crashed again. It was THREE DAYS (3) before a repair man came to my house and explained they were having problems at their switching station, “sending new technology through antiquated equipment”. The reason I tried Prism was my DISH TV signal would fade out during a rain storm. Dish TV signal loss for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes OR Prism signal loss for three days? DUH! I cancelled Prism and went back to DISH TV!

  11. Wow, glad to hear all of the comments, I was going to get century link for my tv and internet. Love these reviews on line…Thanks everyone.

  12. i was thinking about get prism tv but after all the bad reviews i will stick to direcTV. sometime you think you are saving money but your not. I rather pay a little extra for the best service.

  13. I am so hoping this product expands into the Denver market soon. Living in an apartment complex stinks, no choice when it comes to getting satellite.

    I have been stuck with Comcast/Xfinity for a year, and loathe them like no other cable company. Poor service, high monthly rates, yeah they have me by the balls and are squeezing hard!

    Please bring Prism TV to Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • honey you better look at the reviews on prism, they are all bad, I live where we can not get satellite also, I think what we need to do is get together and petition the apt complexes into allowing satellites, they do not harm to the buildings and they should be allowed….after all we pay to live here, we should be allowed to do what we want.

  14. Prism SUCKS< and so dose Century link.. nothing but problems and now they have me with a contract. Do not get Century link anything you will regret it..

  15. I have had them all at one time or another and I found Prism to be the best, I hate Cox because they just kept raising the prices and they had a monopoly on cable here in Las Vegas. I have had Prism for almost a year and I have found that their service is great, prices are reasonable and everyone that I have spoken to on the phone has been nothing but helpful. In fact I ran across this while I was looking to add on more channels. You can also get a discount if you qualify because of your income,I don’t know where you folks live but I hope you give them another try.

  16. I got mail from Prism offering packages, but after reading all the comments here, er… thanks!
    I’m disgusted with Cox because they keep creeping the price up while eliminating channels. I’m thinking of just buying a high definition antenna from Costco for around $50 and get all the local channels for free in high def. Also I can buy my own DVD’s in high def for around $5 each and build my own library as I go along. Problem solved!

  17. I have had CenturyLink for phone and internet service for a number of years and Direct TV for television as a bundled service through CenturyLink. The service on both has been very good, hardly any internet outages and TV very reliable as well. However the cost, especially for Direct TV keeps going up and up so I thought about going with Prism but after reading nothing but negative comments, not only on this forum but others as well?no thanks. I don;t under stand that if a company is going to offer a service why they can?t make it work. If they can?t, then get out of the business.


  19. OMG…we are really confused after reading all these comments but sure glad we did. Thanks for the information everyone.

  20. How do I get my tv connected to the other side of the room. My husband will be in a hospital bed facing the opposite wall from where the wire goes into the wall. Please can you do it and the cost? Thanks

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