Russian TV Channels Offered By DISH Network

DISH Networkoffers a Russian TV option for those living in the United States and wishing to watch shows in the Russian language.  How does the Russian television package compare to the DIRECTV Russian option?  What kind of promotional deals are available to first time Russian TV package subscribers.  Lets review the eleven channels  available in this DISH programming package.

The Russian Mega Pack is the primary offer from DISH Network and is priced at $32.99 a month.  This programming package provides a wide variety of Russian-language programs including sports, news, game shows, talk shows, children’s entertainment and documentaries. Included in the Russian Mega Pack are the following channels:

CTC – the first ever Russian entertainment channel which brings top rated dramas including Papini Dochki, Ranetki, Margosha. Similarly, CTC provides funny comedy sketches which features popular celebrities in Russia and is found on Dish TV channel 738

EuroNews also comes with the package. This channel provides world news from a European viewpoint. It also has live breaking news and consistent updates every hour on the hour.  Tune to channel 784 for EuroNews.

Inter+ is another channel that provides entertainment shows, movies and children’s programming in the Russian and Ukrainian language and is on Dish channel 579.

La Minor on channel  591 is a music channel that is dedicated to ballads, chanson and lyrical songs which are based in Russian folk music, which possesses city-romance elements and guitar poetry.

Maks TV is another Russian music channel that will surely satisfy the cravings of music lovers. Specifically, this channel shows music videos that are produced in the USA and Russia and is on channel 590.

NTV America is a Russian-language channel that broadcasts on DISH Network channel 740.   NTV original programming comes direct from Moscow, and shows seven daily news broadcasts live from Russia as well as TV serials, feature films and an analysis on European/Russian soccer.

ZHIVI is a health and fitness channel found on DISH Network channel 592.  Fitness gurus take you through workouts including Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Kick boxing and other dance routines that promote heath.  This channel is found on 592.

Russian Life (channel 593)  prides itself as a visual journey in the world of healthy living, good relationships, passions and pastimes. The show is specially created for Russian-speaking people located anywhere in the world. This channel is all about finding happiness in whatever it is one does be it hunting or fishing.

Russian Extreme Sports is the sole 24-hour Russian-language channel that features sports and provides a combination of standard Russian Football, Ice Hockey or Basketball along with paragliding, skiing, freestyle and mountain biking. The ESPN of Russia is found on DISH Network channel 712.

TVCI is found on Dish channel 741, and is another Russian TV channel featuring a wide variety of programming. Movies, dramas, children’s programming and documentaries fill out the programming throughout the day.

Finally, TV1000 Russian Kino is a 24 hour a day movie channel.  Top Russian films are presented commercial free and can be found on channel 749.

DISH Networkoffers just one a la carte option in Russian, which is the NTV America channel for $19.99 a month.  Most interesting in a Russian TV package will find they are better off by paying another $13 a month for the Russian Mega Pack which includes 10 additional channels.  Now if you are comparing the Russian packages from DIRECTV to those from DISH Network, they are quite different.  The DIRECTV Russian options include three different packages ranging in price from $22.99 a month to $39.99 a month.  The DISH Network Russian option gives you more channels for a lower price than DIRECTV, but there are differences in the networks offered.  By reviewing the channel lineups from both providers you can be sure to find the Russian package that suits your family best.

New customers can add on one of the English programming packages available from DISH Network and receive the current promotional offers.  The America’s Top 120 is an affordable DISH Network special deal that works well with international programming, and is just $24.99 a month for the first year.  After that it goes to the normal price of $39.99 per month. New customers can also get a free DISH Network DVR at no up front cost, thought there is a $7 monthly charge for the digital video recorder.  This can be used to record and playback any channel you subscribe to, including all of the Russian TV channels.

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