South Asian Packages Available Through DIRECTV

No matter where a person lives, it is important to maintain a connection with his or her cultural roots. No matter how much someone may enjoy living in a new country, there can still be feelings of isolation when surrounded by a culture that is not one’s own. A simple thing like satellite televisioncan offer Indian-American audiences just the right avenue to connect with their roots and strengthen their cultural bonds. It is also a way to keep up with the current events in the person’s home country, as well as region specific news and updates.

A customer can watch programs from all around the globe with a DIRECTV South Asian package. These packages offer a wide variety of international channels to please everyone, and they can be accessed by anyone who wishes to sign up.

To subscribe to South Asian satellite service from DIRECTV, a customer must first order a subscription to either an English or Spanish based package. One can select as few or as many channels as desired and the purchase price is typically very competitive with local cable companies. Many people find it is similar to getting the best of two worlds, since through this option one can receive television programming from his or her native country, as well as the best TV programming America has to offer.

For the American or Indian-American business owner who serves an Indian customer base, competitively priced business packages are available, and it is a widely known fact that utilizing this type of a cable programming will attract more business associates and customers.

Hindi Direct

Hindi Direct offers 11 diversified channels in the South Asian Programming family for just under $30 a month.

Hindi Direct II
Hindi Direct II offers the aforementioned channels as well as the Filmy Channel which is a comprehensive channel featuring everything concerning Bollywood. This package comes in at just under $40 per month.

The Filmy channel may also be purchased exclusively for those looking for single stop access to everything Bollywood.

Telugu Direct

Telugu Direct is another nice option that features ETV Telugu, which is a general entertainment channel offering access to movies, educational programming, chapter serials And India’s most premier spirituality channel, AASTHA. AASTHA is broadcast in three languages, Hindi, English,and Gujarati. This package is $14.99 per month.

Tamil Direct

Vijay is considered a highly popular entertainment channel in Tamil, and Tamil direct offers this channel as well as AASTHA, for only $14.99 per month.

Bangala Direct

Bangala Direct offers channels from West Bangala, and these include ETV Bangala, as well as AASTHA, for a very reasonable $14.99 per month.

DISH Network South Asian options are also something that fit every budget and preference. This is an option for some people who may prefer this type of service. These packages are priced competitively as well, and one is sure to find what he or she is looking for.

One popular package currently available is the Bangala Mega Pack which features channels such as NTV Bangla, RTV Bangla, Ekhushy, and Banglavision.

A similar package is available for those looking for Telugu Channels. This package feature TV9 Telugu, Maa TV, Gemini TV, and Teja TV. Both packages are advertised as costing less than a dollar a day.  DIRECTV South Asian channels can be found starting at 2001 and proceeding up to channel 2024.

To ensure the right package is chosen, one may wish to make a list of important objectives in acquiring access to South Asian channels. For instance, is the goal to stay updated on current events and entertainment, or are educational or spiritual interests a primary objective? When the customer answers these and other questions, he or she will be one step closer to choosing the best programming package.

New customer deals make it affordable to get the right South Asian package at a low price.  Details of the installation will be discussed and a convenient time for the customer will be decided upon. After the package has been ordered and installed, one can be sure that contact will not be lost with the culture and news of his or her native land.


  1. Directv has some South Asian channels that Dish Network does not have. However Dish Network has two Hindi packages available to ordere alone. I hope Directv will have their HindiDirect package be ordered alone.

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