U-verse Availability – Can You Get This New AT&T Service?

Over the past five years, AT&T has poured billions in a new service called U-verse.  This new service delivers video, voice, and high speed internet access to homes and businesses served by AT&T.  Unfortunately though, U-verse availability continues to be limited, as network upgrades are required in each neighborhood before the product can be delivered to you.  Over the past five years though, Uverse availability has increased from zero to 24 million homes, apartments, and businesses.  More than 2 million customers have actually signed up for Uverse TV, 2 million have subscribed to U-verse internet, and another million plus have the U-verse voice product.  So is U-verse available in your area?

The answer to that question is highly dependent on the area you live in.  While AT&T is a massive telecommunications company, Verizon and Qwest also serve huge regions of the United States.  AT&T has come together over the past few years as former Baby Bell companies like Bell South, Ameritech, and SBC were combined in a series of mergers.  Today AT&T has its biggest presence in the South and the Midwest, with additional operations in Connecticut and California.  Here are some of the areas where Uverse availability is probable, though your best bet is to either call AT&T or visit their site to check what is available in your neighborhood.

U-verse in Alabama – The service is now available in Birmingham and Mobile.

U-verse in Arkansas – Service has been deployed in Conway, Bentonville, and Little Rock.

U-verse availability in California – Cities served by AT&T include San Diego, Bakersfield, Salinas, Monterey, Sacramento, Riverside, parts of Los Angeles, San Jose, as well as areas of Norther California including San Francisco and Oakland.

Uverse in Connecticut – Cities served include New Haven, Hartford and Stamford.

U-verse in Florida – Residents of the Sunshine state can get service in Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Beach county, and Miami and the Broward County area.

Uverse service in Georgia – Areas of Atlanta, Brunswick, Athens, and Hall county now have U-verse TV and high speed internet.

U-verse in Illinois – Much of the northeastern part of the state can now get U-verse including much of Chicago and the suburbs.  But quite a few areas within the Chicago area itself are still waiting on AT&T.  Other areas including Champaign, Decatur, and Springfield are also now wired for Uverse.

U-verse in Indiana – Now available in Indianapolis, Bloomington, South Bend and Muncie.

U-verse in Kansas – Parts of Kansas City as well as Topeka and Wichita now have the service.

U-verse in Kentucky – Louisville has been the main area upgraded for service.

U-verse in Louisiana – Baton Rouge is the main area where AT&T has upgraded the network for Uverse.  Other areas in southeast Louisiana include Terrebone, Tammany, and Lafourche Parishes.

U-verse in Michigan – Service is available in many highly populated areas including Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Midland, Saginaw, Grand Rapids and Holland MI.

Uverse in Mississippi – Service began deployment in Jackson starting in October, 2009.

U-Verse in Missouri – Now available in St. Louis, Springfield, Fremont Hills and Jefferson County.

Uverse in Nevada – Reno and Sparks are the areas where service is being deployed.

AT&T Uverse in North Carolina – Charlotte and Raleigh are the primary areas where you can order service.

U-verse in Ohio – A highly populated area for AT&T, where Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Toledo and Miami Valley are all in the Uverse footprint.

U-verse in Oklahoma -Major population centers include Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

U-verse in South Carolina – Service now available in Columbia and Greenville.

U-verse in Tennessee – Deployment has ramped up significantly in 2010 with areas like Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Lewisburg now able to order service.

U-verse in Texas – Probably the largest market for AT&T, several major areas are covered including the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, El Paso and Midland.

U-verse in Wisconsin – Customers can now connect in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Appleton, and Racine.

If your particular state is not listed above, it is unlikely that Uverse will ever be available in your area.  AT&T is already a very large telecommunications company and regulators probably would look very hard at any potential takeovers by AT&T in the future.

Now just because your city and/or state is listed here does not automatically mean that AT&T U-verse service is automatically available.  The telecom giant must gain approval from local regulators in each area where they want to offer cable TV service which can be a time consuming process.  The good news though is that they are intent on competing with both cable and satellite TVproviders like DIRECTV for many years to come, so if U-verse is not yet available in your area, it may be coming in the very near future.

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